Monday, March 29, 2010

This is the dawning of the age of aquarius.................

While most of the team remember this tune from their longer days, so it was at the first outing of the Farts.
First up always shows a lack of match fitness, but all the old skills, calls and moves were their (all be it a little rusty) for the farts first outing of Twenty10.
The first game had a great turnout, only missing star forward Scotty and team mascot Ash, although the play on the field wasn’t the lesser for their absence.
After the pregame organisational and peep talk from newly promoted captain (whistle tune “hail to the Chief” here) Adrian, the first half started a little tentatively, with both sides probing for weaknesses in their opposite numbers. The Farts had early pressure, and gained a PC, should have had a couple more as well. Moses was umpiring, so we missed his ability to carve up the defence up front, although Wicky, Veitchy, Cam and Needles all had good runs.
However it was Harbour City/Tawa that opened the scoring for the twenty10 season with a well worked move after a breakout form defence. They had the pace and stamina and the Farts defence was found standing and watching.
A stirring half time talk from Moses and out for the second half. Moses was back in CF position, and right from the whistle harbour City/tawa were stunned when he took a self tap and dribbled 15 metres, passing to Cam who advanced the ball more. A great start and a fore tale of what was to come. During the second half the Farts had most of the ball and pressure, resulting in Veitchy being able to hog the ball and score three goals. 2 of these were stunners, one a flick from a PC up into the net, and another after a scramble in the circle where Veitchy fell over, then promptly got up and smacked the ball in the boards.
Harbour City/Tawa (god that’s a mouthful) pulled one back, prompting an outburst of language form the Farts normally mild mannered goalie.
Thus the game ended 3 – 2 to the Farts, a first up win, with new shirts and a new captain. Not a bad start to the season.
Lots of good play this week, especially for an opener. Willy showed some pace and nice touches (even hitting the post twice from 2 feet), Moses was back to his old ways of parting the opposition defence with deft touches, Muzza and Nuts were strong in defence, Craig showed he hadn’t forgotten how to play after a year AWOL.
3 - Veitchy - lets be honest, have to give him that for the hatrick, and all good goals
2 - Cam - 1 for not being sent off or even warned, and 1 huge effort
1 – Adrian – Good first up captains knock, and showed the young opposition how to play (which pissed them off no end!)

NOTE: It was really good to see the whole team hang around afterwards for the re-Hydration session. Its vitally impotant to start putting fluids back into our bodies straight after a game, so this will be afeature of Farts post game recover program this year

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Draw announced - Farts to contest a new decade of Hockey

The draw has just been realeased and The Old Farts are set to contest a new decade of Hockey.

The organisers have been kind to us this year, first game at elsdon (and a civilised time too), then a break to recover (some call it easter but we know its been put there just for us) then 2 home games.

As they say in the movies.....................Drivers, start your engines!

A new decade of hockey dawns on the horizon..............................Only just over 1 week to go!

Guys, there’s only just over a week to go till the season starts. I hope you are busy polishing boots, sticks and some of you heads (I am – try to dazzle the opposition!). The draw has just come out.

There are some things we need to sort urgently.
1. There are only three registrations in for the team – Kirin sent an email with details of how to register/pay – I will resend it out after this email, please register asap
2. We need shirt details to get them ready in time. I need to give this to allan tomorrow, so those that haven’t replied I need size, name for back and number you want

Shirts will be $55, I have to pay cash for them (I’ll put them through Magnum Imports), so you will all get an invoice from me for the shirts. This is the easiest way to do it.

We are still aiming to go to Napier in sept. Glen is organising that. There may be some peoples stadium credits that can be used to credit against players season fees, and those players can then pay the appropriate fees money in the Napier acct (which glen will set up) to “repay” whoever put in the stadium fees. Does that make sense?

If it doesn’t just give me a call.

Remember, we need registrations urgently, and also shirt information (to those that haven’t already done one or both).

There are spots available for supporters etc at the Napier tournament, some of you guys that aren’t playing may like to come along and support, drive, etc

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

pre-season news

Hi Guys,
another one of those glorious Hockey emails that you will be receiving in abundance from me this year!

1) Good news, BBQ is on this Saturday, starting around 5 (so some of the older Farts can get home early for bed!). Actually its so some with younger family members can get them home early, but you older ones can kick on late if you want.

Its starting to get cooler in the evenings over here, so bring a warm top (and something to cover those legs nuts).

Bring some stuff, i.e. meat, salad , drink etc. BBQ will go on as long as people want to eat/drink etc.

We are at 111a Johnsons Rd (here's the link to Google maps wayne and ainsleys place!

You go through Silverstream and head over blue mountains hill , then at the intersection of that and Whiteman's valley rd (which is a sharp left) go straight ahead through the gap in the trees (that's Johnsons rd). We are the last letterboxes on left hand side of Johnsons Rd, (three in a row), then go right to the very end of the gravel drive.

You can follow the signs to the Short straw cafe, we are about 500 metres past it on john sons rd. If unsure ring for directions, 04 528 8117

2) Club day was Saturday,and for all those that didn’t come to club day last weekend (and I wouldn’t know cause I couldn’t turn up) you can fill out an application form online naenae club registration form 2010

A reminder also that we have changed the fee structure for this season. We now require a deposit (to be paid at registration) or a financial arrangement to be made upon registration. The deposit is $100 for senior subscriptions and $30 for junior subscriptions.

With the success of the early bird discounts last year, we are going to encourage them again this year. Senior subscriptions are $350 for early birds (if you pay in full by the 31st March) otherwise $365. School subscription are for college age students only (it does not include tertiary students) and are set at $250.

I will get the bank details because you can do deposits etc online.

3) Shirts - it appears we may have brokered a deal to get the normal club shirts, (the red Lotto ones) with names etc on for same price as i was quoted elsewhere (about $55 each).

Please advise size, preferred number and name for back, note name only to be up to 6 or so letters, i.e. Gok, Nuts, Legs, Needle, trapper etc

I think that's all for now, see you on Saturday.