Sunday, April 26, 2009

Match report V Indians - won 4 - 3

The first early game of the season, although they say the older you get the less sleep you need, we still started the game with only 10 players.

Dave N - delayed kids soccer (due to Anzac day) and a rib injury to Scotty were some of the causes.

The re arranged Farts started play in a light rain, and although we were a player down we still kept up good pressure.

Matt arrived, "on loan" from the top team, and within a short period stamped his mark pon the team with his first goal.

Matt went onto score three, unfortunately , in trues Farts tradition, Loan players oals get credited to the goalie so Glen now has 3 goals for the season!

Close to the end of the game, the farts were up 4-1, although they let 2 quick goals in right near full time.

The re arranmged line up seemed to work well, with a more cohesive approach.

The defense was more solid, with both Muzza and Toddy providing good ball forwward, and a better defensive screen with backs and halves.

Robbie scored a greta goal, so maybe has his token goal of the season?

Dave and Vietchy had a number of close misses as well. It has to be said that the indian goalie kept them in the game.

Hard to pick MVP's, but here goes
3 - Muzza good defence, saved a couple off the line in the first half, and good organisation at the back
2 - Robbie - he scored, what more can you say, but, he did polay well, with lots of good support play
1- Todd - good solid play in defence.

Of Note, first card of the seaosn to Dave L, yellow. pretty tame really but its in the record books.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Match report Rnd 3 - V Karori 5 -3

Well the Farts are still struggling with early season jitters (actually more like wheezing, coughing and muscle cramps!)!

We had some moments of brilliance, and also had a reasonable amount of pressure which we didn't convert, but our lack of match fitness made it hard especially when they run at us in packs through the midfield. Often our defence was struggling against more numbers as they attacked in waves.

Although it must be said i think their average age was much less that ours, and we certainly had the heavier pack weight(pity there were no scrums).

We did open the scoring, and kept with them (in the second half mainly through the defences efforts). But we tried to dribble too far to often, and our passes weren't hit with there usual forcefulness. We also didn't play as a team, more as disconnected individuals.

Time will improve things (what else can i say, we played crap, but I'm trying to pick some positives out of it!)

Glen had an outstanding game, and if it wasn't for him the result would have been close to double figures.

Robbie has adapted well to the new rules (for an old dog) and his self taps from the 16 opened up the channels more than in the past.

Aldo was dogged in defence, shadowing and pressuring their attackers.

MVP Points for the gamke
3 - Glenn
2 - Robbie
1 - Aldo

Good goals to Dave L (2) and Vietchy.

Thank good next game is earlier so we won't wilt in the heat.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Match Report Rnd 2 V Victoria, Sunday 5th

Round 2 of the new season and the Farts managed to field a full time (and some reserves and an umpire!).

With some players still struggling to recover from last weeks game (Willie was it true you drank that much!) and Ants deciding that the level of Hockey in R2 was too much for him and therefore going to a less demanding grade (P2?) the team had tinges of new ness.
We managed to lower the average age again (thanks to Aldo and Shaun), but the old faces were back again.

Anyway, the Farts had all the pressure in the first half, but due to good goalkeeping only managed to go to the oranges break at 1-1. It was an exclellnet and deserved goal to Scotty, after wayne drove into attack (from a scotty pass), but the ball ended up back with scotty and found the back of the net.

In the 2nd half Victorias youth (read fitness and a much lower average body weight) saw themscore three opportunist goals. The Farts still had most of the pressure but only converted once through Veitchy.

Overall it wasn't a bad 2nd game of the season, The farts are traditionally slow starters, and tend to be looking to peak later in the season (for the prize giving?).

MVP for the day
3 points - Scotty - good goal, good overall game, lots of energy and running.
2 points - Muzza , solid game in defence, and managed to appear in the attack line a couple of times, in fact its a sight to see, Muzza at full flight, stomach creating an aerodynamic advantage, hair streaming back!
1 point - Dave N, some good runs up the left flank, and just missed a goal with a shot slightly wide.

Next game is till 19th, enjoy your easter, but watch the calories (yer right, watch them pack on the waist!).


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Let the games begin.......Match report rnd 1 V Kapiti

Heres the Match report from "Manager of the day" Glen:
With only 7 payers taking the field it was always going to be a struggle.
Leong got lost but thanks to a Kapiti supporter we ended up fielding 8 after about 10 minutes that soon went to 7.5 when Ash strained a muscle or two.
Half time saw us 3 - 2.
We started the second half with 8 players again, Ash stranded in the attacking circle and Ant's son in left wing seagull mode.
Our efforts of the first half caught up on us as we tired with full time seeing us 9 - 3 down.
2 goals to Dave L and one to Ants.
No individual player of the day, everyone played out of their skin.

Well done team, I think that first up performance was a good result against such over whelming odds, i.e. only 7 or 8 players (and one of those was ash!)