Monday, July 27, 2009

Match report V YWCA Lost 5 - 2

Well sports fans, abit of a dreary weekend for our heroes.
The AB's created their own demise, as did the Farts, however the warriors ere just given a good old fashioned thrashing.

The only bright spot in the weekend was that Johann Holzenstien won the Northern Ukranian Blind Curling championships for the 5th time in a row. For those that missed his winning shot, I'm hoping to secure footage for the blog, in negotiations with Rupert Murdoch at present, but as this is a world famous event, unlikely to be cheap!

Anyway, on to the Farts. Although we managed to field a quite strong starting lineup, and have some impact players on the bench (i think the manager has been reading Graham Henry's Autobiography again) and an umpire, we were simply outclassed in the deft touches department. I still think we could have held our own, but we came with our "B game, not our best, and the results showed. Down 3 - 2 at half time, YW scored a reply less double in the second.

The Farts just let themselves down with sloppy passing (bearing in mind YWCA showed great touches often to trap the ball) and also too often holding onto the ball for too long, where a quick release would have seen our faster wingers away.

Having said that, players still put in the effort, Leon again was committed to tackle, tackle, tackle and both Nuts and Todd were strong in backs.

The Farts got their second stroke in 2 games, and again weren't able to convert it. Robbie took it, and the goalie saved, as punishment Robbie has been stood down for the next month or so and banished to holidays overseas!

1 - Dave L again utilising the "foot of god"
1 - Wayne - lucky, was just in the right place at the right time, and got a kindly deflection of a YWCA stick over the line

3 - Glen - with out his overpowering prescence in goal the farts could well have conceded double figures, although he needs to school up on "back and around" passing, Leon passed back to him and he promptly tried a drop goal from 100 metres!
2 - Veitchy, was very quiet late in the second half, mainly as he had run himself into the ground
1- Adrian - good solid game as always, often not flashy but always there and deserved more than this (i didn't pick the points....)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Match report Sun 19th Jul V Karori 3 Won 4-3

What a weekend, first the AB's showed the way, coming from behind to beat the aussies with a huge forward effort.

Then the Farts did the same coming back from an initial deficit to beat Karori 4-3.

Stacey's boys watched the game live (it was Sky's Match of the day) and that fired them up to beat the roosters in Sydney, and finally the Magic put on a much better performance against the Thunderbirds.

Watching the Farts play was like poetry in motion, poise, strength, speed and skills, and these were just the contribution of Chapman on the right wing!
He had a pearler of a game, finally starting to latch on the long passes that are fired out to the far right corner, several blazing dribbles into and around the circle, defenders left floundering in his wake, and topping it off with three good goals (his first hatrick for nearly 20 years).

The Farts struggled a bit in the first half, and were often caught standing and admiring what they just done, only to see the men in black take the ball away from them.

But a stirring speech at half time, reminiscent of Churchill's famous "beaches"motivated them to lift their game in the 2nd.

Although the Farts only ended up one up, they had a number of shots saved, Veitchy missed a stroke and there were lots of near misses.

The team seemed to click late in the second half, with good combinations beginning to show through and lots of gaps opening up in the Karori defence for the Farts to run through.

Leon again put his body on the line numerous times, with dogged defence and back tackling.

Toddy had a good solid game on his birthday, and again his penalty corner shots are powering into the goal.

Adrian had a run at Inside Left in the 2nd half, and seemed to free up a lot of ball into the forwards.

Robbie was stunning in his "mom"shorts, and again added great vision and distribution at both Left and right halves.

Nuts, well, what can we say, he turned up and played in new shoes! Gok would have been proud of his colour co-ordination.

Thanks to Gus for umpiring, and to the Lymbourn clan for the after match re hydration therapy

3 - Chappie
1 - Dave L

3 - Chappie ( i think i deserved it today)
2 - Leon - body on the line stuff again
1 - Toddy - Good solid game today

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Match report sun 12th Jul V Indians Lost 4 - 2

Sunday was wet, cold, miserable, and that was just in the changing sheds. Apart from Glens short foray outside (for a fag), the Farts huddled in the visitors shed at the NHS, discussing pre-match tactics, Nuts lack of anything hard and how Robbie manages to get his pants pulled up so far and still walk

Eventually we ventured out into the even colder outside, where it was even more miserable and the wind was blowing, so pre game warm up was running accross to the team shelters on the other side of the field, and then huddling in there.

The game was actually quite a good game to play, the teams were evenly matched (unlike the scoreline) and it was quite open and fast paced. It was a bit physical, and in true Indians style was umpired "by committee", however that's all part and parcel of 22 grown men thinking they are still 20ish.

Graham Henry may have dropped the rotation policy as a way to blood new talent, but the farts are still using it (to some success) to find new players for the future.
This game saw the blooding of new young talent, future stars of the Fart one would hope, and in Thomas's case probably a lot further into the future (think hes still at college?)

Thomas played well, and even had a stint for Indians when they were a player short to start, although he was a little to enthusiastic in attack for them, needs to temper that when playing for the opposition.

Cameron added skill, pace and aggression into the halves, and played well. Shades of a young Robbie, sometimes he seemed to want to stay in the forwards......
However he played well and certainly made a difference.

Dave N managed to snaffle another goal, for a left wing he spends an awful amount of time ion front of goal, but the goal was a "doosie", ball passed from his right, hit first time up into the top LH corner of the goal.

Vietchy scored in the second half, he finished of the hard work that the right wing had done, (he really had the easy part....), Wayne was involved in a couple of passes, then dribbled into the circle, flicked past a wall of defenders (well one but he was big!) to Vietchy who it must be said scored a good goal!

Dave L was denied a goal in the first half when a Indians defenders slide in to deflect the ball at the last mninute.

All in all, a good game, all be it a dissapointing result.

Dave N - 1
Vietchy - 1

3-Cameron, outstanding effort and skills.
2-Veitchy, great overall effort and goal
1-Thomas, great effort in his first game for the farts, showed good courage and not affraid to tackle guys twice his age and waist size.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Match report Sun 5th V Karori 2 - Won 5-3

Its been a long time coming, and glad I didn't hold my breath, but the farts passing game started to show up on sunday. The first half at least started and then continued for most of the half with short passing, lots of square and triangle balls, 5 to 10 metre stuff, and to be honest, we looked good doing it.

Towards the end of the firdst half, and the second half in general we rebverted to more long balls, but this was indicitive of the gaps opening up as both teams tired especially in the home straight.

With the game opening up in the second half, and my abscence from right wing, Robbie was able to push up and sea gull around the circle, and he did a good job of latching onto some long passes.

Other good work was done by Dave N up the left flank, and the halves all had a high work rate.

Nuts as usual had a solid game in defence, and even had a run at right wing as well before sanity prevailed and he was despatched back to defence!

Ants put in a cameo role, and showed he can still slot back into our lower grade team when hes finsihed playing up in the clouds!

Warwick continued to show the old skills are still there, although he may be missing for a while as he came off in the 2nd half with a hammy strain.

This week also saw a new tactic in Toddy being the recieved for PC's. With his hit strength this provides a new weapon alongside dave L's more tactical flicks.

All in all it was a good game, it was open and lots of contested ball, but clean and a good feeleing to play agaionst a team more our age!

Dave L - 2
Paul V - 2
Warwick - 1

3 - Paul V - scored 2 goals and big work rate in halves
2 - Warwick, great goal, lifted it purposely over the diving goalie, and some other very close shots, also good support work
1 - Nuts - he turned up, he abused most of the players, and he looked funny with his pants pulled up to his nipple line