Monday, July 30, 2012

Farts pick up bonus point win to stay top of the table

Another gloriously fine Sunday afternoon and the Frats were away to Karori at Eldson.
The first game under the new Captain, Nuts, and a full squad (apart from Toddy who’s still injured) turned out for it.

Unfortunately Karori turned up with less than a full team, and no Goalie. So nuts first official job was to accept their unconditional surrender, and agree to bank the bonus point win the default, and play a friendly.

They managed to get 10 players, including a Girl that played in their women’s team (and to be fair she was quite skilful, managed to evade Nuts Lunges for most of the game).
For the farts the game was to be a bit of a practise game, and for some players to get more experience in positions,. However it turned out more of a festival occasion, and not a lot of constructive hockey was played.

Nuts opened the scoring for the Farts, and Trapper followed soon after with the second. Then the Farts got a PC, and the forwards waited for Nuts to come up to receive it. Looking back down the field lumbering along beside Nuts was Timbo, the goalie! As Karori didn’t have a goalie, he’d decided that any PC’s we got he would go up and play for them in goal – and he made a number of saves for them. Unfortunately for him, straight after the PC’s, he then sprinted (well lumbered again) back to his own goal. This was comical to watch but great sportsmanship.

Karori managed to score in the first half, and Ants added another. In the second half Trapper slotted his second, then the Frats had a period of constant pressure.

The last goal was scored by Ants, although it was really burgled, as the ball was hit into the circle, Daniel sent it goal wards and Ants gave it a final nudge across the line, however it would have gone in even if he hadn’t touched it!
Final Score 5-2

3 – Ants (well really 2 to Ants and 1 to dan)
2- Trapper

3- Timbo – great sportsmanship and certainly added to the friendly nature
2 – Andy B – another constant performance, always where the ball was
1 – Ants – did score three and run his little chicken legs off.
2 – Rearend - Oranges + Umpiring

Half Year Report

The season is halfway through, and we seemed to be building up to better things however slipped up on Sunday to lose 2-1 to UH. . The loss to UH seemed out of place, looking at the performances leading up to that game, but on reflection although the teamwork just wasn’t there in the first half, the second half improvement showed it wasn’t an earth shattering event, more a reminder that if we don’t continue to build the team going forwards there’s always, then standing still is often risking slipping backwards.

With the round robin half way through, it’s fitting to get a half year report. And it’s just like the ones i used to get at school, always said shows real potential but needs to apply himself! Hmmm......maybe not quite as bad as that, but certainly correct re potential. On reflection what has been lacking has been more thinking and strategy as the team has evolved.

The team has the start of melding together, but with such a wide mix of ages, shapes, abilities and fitness levels it’s been a struggle. However they have shown that they have the potential, the potential skills, fitness and desire, to win this grade and play in R2 again, if not higher.

There is also a number of future leaders within the team, and the older guys are looking forward to being able to sit back and let someone else do it, however they haven't quite reached retirement age yet (well some are close) so we have come up with a 5 point plan (every major world strategy or revolution event has a 5 point plan!)

1. The on field leadership will be spearheaded by Nuts as Captain (or El Presidente as he would probably prefer) and Craig will stand in as his deputy.

2. Nuts will marshall defence (or Todd when hes back), Craig will take overall management of the midfield and Willy and Trapper of the forward line.

3. Trapper will never again drag out a PC! – Damon does a very good job of that, but we need a cover as well, also the structure of the receivers will be more defined. Main receiver will always be Todd , or Nuts, or maybe BJ as they can trap and hit! With a more structured approach, including lay off options and who’s going on the pads etc we should convert more of them. This sunday before the game we will look at options

4. To bring the top 2 inches into the game we are going to help players to set some personal goals, probably only 1 or 2 per game, to help us grow. Even the old guys need that Craig is the startegic thinker among us, and is happy to continue to provide insight. To be honest, I've spent most of my time thinking (worrying) about who's turning up and where to play them that i haven't even had time to think about my game.

5. We want to settle players into positions more, the first half of the season has been good to get a feel for where they can play, noiw is the time to consolidate it and allow them to settle in more.

So there you have it, the Naenae R3 plan to rule the world, or at least play as well as we can as a team and enjoy it.

Farts Lose to UH – Sunday 22nd July

The heading says it all, it was a sunny afternoon at Maidstone, more "Deja Vu" for the older players, but the team just didn’t fire.

The first half was almost like we only fielded half a team, lots of effort but no cohesion. UH managed to sneak in a gaol(ball limped across the line).

A stern talking to from Nuts at half time and a renewed effort in the second half was like a change of diet. The Farts had much more ball and more pressure, resulting in Trapper forcing two Strokes. Zac took the first one which was saved, and trapper put the second one away. By that stage UH had scored again so the stroke brought the score back to 2-1 and that’s how it ended.

A disappointing result, a loss that shouldn’t have happened but also an opportunity to review the progress to date.

1 - Trapper

Monday, July 16, 2012

2 game reviews, both wins!

Won 2-1 V YWCA Sunday 8th
Ahh, those were the days....preparing the night before, getting all your gear ready for the Game first thing Saturday morning, those that can remember college hockey will remember those times well.

Things have changed, no longer do we need to check our studs (for tightness, not to see if they are sharp), oil our sticks or make sure we pack a head band to keep the hair out our eyes.

Last week, the Farts had a 9.45 game, the first early start for a long time, the biggest challenge now when scheduled to play at that time is to make sure we aren’t too “fragile”.

But it was a reasonably full team that took the field except Nuts was crook, he came to watch, coach and bring the oranges – That man deserves a DB! A game of few incidents (or at least none that i can remember) except to say that we should have won by more than 2-1. They had a youngish side, but lacked experience, and we played like a team that lacked ‘team’ in the first half, and couldn’t put away the opportunities in the second, but a win is a win!

1 - Jason
1 - Toddy

3 – Jason – another solid game
2- Alan – provided solidity in the mid field
1 -Toddy – great defence and cracking goal.
1 - Rearend – yes.....umpired
1 – nuts – Oranges

Won 2-1 V Indians, 15th July
A wild and wet weekend, but it cleared (well sort of) by the time the Frats took the field. The numbers were down with Al and Nuts both away, Toddy carrying an injured foot , Tim turned up late and Trapper was hit in the foot buy a thumping pass by Toddy at the start of the warm up!

So Rearend played in goal (minus his glasses, he took them off in the sheds to get into his gear then couldn’t find them – even though they were on the bench next to his gear! – he played the whole first half without them) and Trapper Umpired.

Indians came out firing in the first half, and the game was pretty even, with the teams huddling in the shed at half time 0-0. The second half the Indians started to fade, both in running and cohesion (I’ve never know teams to argue so much between themselves as Indians teams do!).

Isaac had a fair flying shot just saved in the first half, and this encouraged him to press on in the second, and finally he got one to thump the backboard. A later scramble around the circle had the ball go across the top, deflected towards the goal off an Indians stick which had the goalie going the wrong way, , then Matty somehow got a faint nick and the ball trickled across the goal line.
Indians managed to pull one back with a couple of minutes to go, but it was too late to score again and the final score was 2-1.


3- Todd – played very well considering he had a damaged foot (from an earlier game), and some great tackling
2- Isaac – lots if running and activity, good goal
1- Rearend – deserves a point for playing a half in goal with no glasses, and managing to affect some saves as well.
1- Trapper – Umpired, and a great game he had to.
1- Jason – oranges – and brought some jelly beans for halftime, but didn’t tell anyone!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Nothing better than a Fart win on sunny winters day.

It felt like the old days turning up to play at Maidstone Park on a calm and sunny winters day. The only downside was that the team felt somewhat like a pedigree dog that had just had a visit to the vet.........due to illness the Farts were without ‘their’ Nuts, however he managed to drag himself from his sick bed to deliver the oranges, what commitment.

Petone didn’t really want to come to the party, with the game about to start they refused to provide an umpire, causing a delay and finally making poor glen umpire by himself. Maybe it was delaying tactics (as they had a sub on the sideline) as their goalie hadn’t turned up.

So the Farts took field against an 11 man, (well about 7 men, 3 boys and Ross) team that didn’t have a Goalie. Trapper had lost the toss but had chosen to play into the sun in the first half. So Petone hit off but within a couple of minute the Farts had turned over the ball and been awarded a free hit about 5m inside the Petone half. Al (playing CH) stepped up top play it, and looking up saw that trapper (left wing) had ghosted in behind the Petone defence, and promptly slammed the ball towards him, the last defender hadn’t heard Trappers twinkle toes and “left” the ball, only to turn around and see Trapper trap the ball (yes sports fans, that wasn’t a typo, he trapped the ball) and slot it into the goal, 1 nil up after 2 mins!

The Petone goalie turned up about 5 or so minutes later and magically so did their umpire (maybe they were hiding in the goalie gear bag?). The rest of the half went back and forward, although the Farts had most of the ball and a number of shots at goal (mainly Trapper and yes all missing). One of Petones lone attacks saw the ball hit across the circle with only 1 Petone attacker near and Timbo was forced to come out, both missed the ball completely and the attacker fell over Timbo but their Umpire saw it differently and awarded a stroke. Up strode big bad Ross....and promptly missed. Maybe Timbo uglied the shot wide, but the boys went to the sheds at half time 1-0.

After a stern half time chat from Nuts, battle resumed, and to be honest Petone started to run out of ideas and enthusiasm, and they started to argue with the opposition, the umpire and themselves. Their frustration also started to show in their desperate tackles, many from the wrong side and couple of their players felt Farts sticks as a result. Al got bowled over by one younger Petone player, and promptly got up and squared off, luckily (for the petone player) sanity prevailed!
The pressure the Farts had showed in the number of shots on goal and PC’s, and finally a quickly moved ball found Jason in front of goal and the ball hit the backboards. More pressure and a certain goal was ‘saved’ by a foot on the line and Willy put away the stroke, for a 3-0lead. The game ended at that score, although the Farts platyed well and are starting to hit their straps as a team it was felt they could have doubled that score.

1 – Trapper
1- Jason
1- Willy

3 – Al – another good solid game especially as he stepped up into the CH position, and great vison (and faith) to see Trapper unmarked and pass him the ball for the first goal
2 – Jason – continues to play strong hockey, good support and goal.
1 -Daniel - good game, where does he get his energy from, he just keeps running
1 – Nuts – Oranges , what more can we say
1- Rearend – umpired again,