Monday, June 25, 2012

Farts hitting their straps.

The rain Gods must have seen the draw yesterday and decided to allow the Farts to display their style and flare to best advantage on a dry Eldson pitch. Trapper again continues to build a run of wins by winning the toss and choosing the sun at their backs in the first half.

As a sign of the depth that the Frats are building this year, the start of the game saw both Trapper and Nuts on the sideline. So it was a young looking forward line that took the game to Karori. Karori managed to gain equal possession in the midfield but right from the start never really looked converting enough possession to win. Andy opening the coring for that Farts early in the game, with a nice shot from the circle edge. Not long after Karori equalised in somewhat controversial fashion, as a ball hit into the circle seemed to just struggle across the line into the goal, the Karori umpire awarding the goal despite the appeals of the Farts defenders who were claiming it was never touched inside the circle.

Shortly after Daniel scored, and the Farts went to the sheds 2-1 up. They were welcomed at half time by a stirring message from Nuts, pinpointing the same issues often conversant with Naenae play of the defenders staying deep and the forwards high, with no halves or inners in the middle.

The second half saw Ants moving into the RH position, with the aim of pushing the right side up into attack. It seemed to work with pressure staring to mount for the Farts forwards. Jason was pushing hard up the RW, and looked hungry in wanting the ball, which finally paid off with him stealing the ball of the Karori LH, driving down to the line and hammering another one of his crosses, this time Trapper was there to easily guide the ball into the net, 3-1!

Not long after Trapper managed to get a stick to a clearance from the backs just over the half way line, deflecting the ball down into the corner and sprinting the 30 metres (outpacing his marker) to slam a cross spot-wards for Daniel to latch onto and get his second goal.

More pressure and several free hits saw Ants take one in the corner, deftly dribble the ball to the line and towards the goal, and pulling it back from Trapper but the far post to again slap it into the back of the net.
Matt got the final goal, and a lovely one it was. Isaac got a break out of the Farts half, send the ball forward, trapper got to it and deflected it to Matt in the circle who left the goalie sprawling on the ground, dribbled round him and netted for the Farts 6th!

The Farts seems to be playing more and more as a cohesive unit, with the older wiser heads guiding and providing the structure, and the younger guys earning their stripes with their speed and energy.

2- Trapper

3- Jason – another strong game and left everything out on the pitch.
2-Trapper – scored 2 and set up 2 goals.
1- Daniel – 2 good goals from following up.
1- Rearend – umpiring

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Farts starting to reach their potential

The sun was out, although the snow on the hill tops told the truth about the season and the temperature, cool enough to ensure even the Older Farts moved around, simply to keep warm. It was a local Derby, versus that team for the northern reaches of the Hutt Valley, Upper Hutt.

The signs were good when Nuts won the toss, and chose the ball, andf the Farts played with the sun on their backs in the first half.

UH started without a goalie and the Farts tried hard to capitalise early, but gallant defending around the circle kept us out. However not long after the goalie took the field (and after we’d had a couple of potential PC’s not awarded), the Farts opened the scoring with a cracking goal to Jason. Toddy slammed home a PC to pout us 2-0 up, but UH pulled one back so that the Farts hit the sheds 2-1 up at half time. Although they’d had plenty of possession and pressure, they weren’t looking like increasing their lead, and in fact UH potentially looked like poulling it back.

Nuts had spent some time on the side line, analysing the weather patterns (staring at the sky), appreciating the supporter base (checking out the women in the crowd) and keeping up his energy (eating Peanut slabs) and was rested enough to give a stirring talk at half time. He really emphasised stepping up to the opposition and building some depth through the field, and to be honest, most of us stood there, concentrated (on the sky, the crowd, picking our noses etc)and took it all in.

However it must have worked as the Farts team in the second half played much better, with better linking through the halves, inners and forwards, and applying more pressure on the opposition. Trapper got onto a strongly hit cross form Jason early in the half, with the ball rocketing just wide of the upright. Matt B managed to sky on high and wide of the goal , and a number of other shots were saved . The Farts had almost all the pressure, with long spells in the UH red zone.

This paid off with some brilliant play from trapper, latching onto a loose ball outside the circle, he drew his player then flicked a pass onto Nuts who was unmarked for him to clamly slide the ball into the backboards.

The young guys played a huge role in the final goal, with Daniel dodged defence turning over the ball, Matt B bringing it up and passing to Jason who deftly beat the keeper and fired the ball at the UH goal. A defender got his foot to it in front of the line and the farts had a stroke!

Damian stepped up and calmly put the ball into the corner of the backboards.
The final score was 4-1, which in the end flattered UH a bit, although they continued to fight right to the end.

The team was flattered by the appearance of Gok on the sidelines to cheer them on. Thank god he didn’t bring his whistle and offer to umpire, but his wit and charm was a pleasant addition to the crowd.


1– Jason
1- Toddy
1– Nuts
1– Damian

3 - Daniel – full on performance, plenbty of running, and support in both attack and defence, and lots of effort to back tackle when dispossessed of the ball
2 - Jason – strong performance in the front, only just pipped for Player of the day.
1 – Matt B – tireless worker and continues to listen to Trapper s advice (no one else does)
1 – Rearend – Umpired again
1 – Craig – Oranges.

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Battle of the Little Big Horn Revisited.

A Home game at last, even if it was an early start for the Farts. They didn’t quite “break the ice” but it was close as temperatures have really started to drop.

It was a good turn-out, which was lucky because the Farts Stand out start winger (or should that be whinger) Trapper was still out of action. You’ll remember that 3 weeks ago our hero broke half of one of his front teeth when going back in defence to help out. A quick trip sideline to wash out his mouth was enough for his athletic physic to cool down, and on return a sharp sprint for a ball came close to tearing his calf muscle. That was 3 weeks ago, and after several sessions with a Blonde Irish Pyhsio named Dee has seen him nearly back to starting form.

Anyway, to give himself another week to rehab (and a couple more physio visits I’m sure) Trapper volunteered to umpire. Lucky, as Indians were short of n (unbiased, capable, knowledgeable – pick only 2) umpire so Rearend did the other side.
Willy lost the toss, mainly because with no coin Trapper simply asked Indians whether they wanted the ball or to pick ends, and chose to paly the first half with the sun at their backs (will, back of their shins, it was early and the sun wasn’t really up that far).

After an initial burst from Indians, the Farts got the ball and a PC (3mins and 26 seconds to be exact).
The farts had most of the ball and territory in the first half, and racked up 5 or 6 goals (hell, i was only umpiring; i can’t remember everything at my age). Ants got a couple, Nuts got one (and then promptly subbed off so that he didn’t injure or strain anything that might impact on his goal scoring celebrations later that night) and Toddy missed a sitter out in front.

The Indians did have their wings high, and got some ball through to them but were mainly shut down. Tim shut down one attack by taking out the attacker in a one on one situation, and then saved the stroke! He did exactly the same thing at the end of the game but didn’t save that one (Indians only goal).

Overall it was a vastly improved “team” that played, with everyone willing to pass (a strange feeling in an old farts team) and showing a lot more touches on the running ball.

Still room for improvement, and everyone is looking forward to the return of their start striker next week.

Goals -?

2 - Chicken Legs
2 - Isaac
1 - Toddy
1 - Nuts
1 - Damon
1 - Jason

3 – Chicken Legs
– lots of running around, showed good staying power and fitness in being able to sledge the opposition and the umpires right up to the final whistle
2- Isaac – got a couple, and didn’t slide all game
1 – Timbo – saved a stroke, deserves something for that
1 - Rearend – Umpired
1 – Trapper – Umpired, and a damn good job of it too
1 – Craig – Oranges!