Sunday, May 30, 2010

Farts Roll YWCA

Even though the only Young Women were the sideline supporters for the Farts they rolled the YWCA tonight 5-2.

YW opened the scoring, although the first half was predominately Farts pressure, with lots of work done throughout the game by the forwards and halves, the backs had "by and large" a quiet game.

Changes in the forward line had instant results after 15 mins into the first half with Wily slotting two goals, showing the full range of skills the first was a nice power shot after placing himself strategically on the left upright, the second was a reflex latch onto a rebound that he lifted over the flailing goalie.

After a couple of weeks off Robbie wasn't up to his best, lucky he wasn't playing golf as most of his tee shots didn't go past the womens tees.  Probably not a pretty sight Robbie playing with no pants!

YW had some breakouts, and a period of sustained pressure in the second half but again The farts had 75% of the territory, 17 mins in the red zone, and 6 PC's to 1.

Up from there was big efforts from Cam and Legs, Cam rewarded with 2 goals and Legs with a near brokenb wrist after taking a direct hit from close range.  Lucky he has a girlfriend as it was his right hand and he will need to rest it over he next couple of weeks.

Scotty added another goal, and also had a strong game , with lots of activity even way back in defence.

The quiet achiever of the game though was Craig, he worked hard across the half line, both on attack and defense.

No Game next weekend, but talk of a Training run, although someone will need to organise it.

2- Wily
2 - Cam
1 - Scotty

2 - Craig - strong overall game
2 - Scotty - a goal and lots of support activity, maybe should get half a point for umpoiring but as he didn't have a whistle not likely
1 - Wily - strong game and 2 good goals
1 - Glen - Umpiring (and he had a good game to be honest)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Glorious Home win under lights

The Farts took the home field under lights to take on Karori.

Right from the start the game had a hectic pace, with the Farts having all the pressure.

maybe it was the cooler night air, maybe it was the fact that Karori only had 10 players but the Farts scored first and continued to apply the pressure at a frantic pace.

Karori did score two, and had other chances but were shit out by "aggressive" keeping from Timbo. Both Karori goals were scored from breakouts.

The Frats played a good game, one of there best this season, with even Cam passing the ball to others around the circle!.

Willies goal was a pearler, driving in and along the goal line then lifting the ball over a sprawling keeper.

trapper also opened his seasons scoring, deftly putting the ball between the keepers legs.

Although the Farts gained their first bonus point opportunities were missed to have the score even higher. Vietchy had an open goal.  He also earned himself a breather on the side line after a tackle that had amazing similarity to one from the Soccer-roos on monday night that only earned a card?

2 - Cam
1 - Willy
1 - Scotty
1 - Trapper
1 - Veitchy
1 - Ritchie Rich


3 - Timbo - his "agressive" keeping kept the opponents score down
2 - Cam - what do you say, scored two goals, set others up (wow he passed the ball!) and diidn't get sent off
1 - Scotty - great performance for an old guy and a goal
1 - Rearend - Umpiring again
1 - Adrian - oranges

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Mighty Farts Crusie to victory - won 5-3 over Victoria 5

First game of the season and the Mighty Farts come out with all guns blazing.
While the weather didn't come to the party, it was a nice relief for the Farts to be playing in the cooling light drizzle.
Right from the start they had the majority of the pressure, with Trapper starring on the right wing.  Trapper showed he had regained his confidence with blinding dribbles down the right flank, with Scotty managing to convert one such run that went right to the post, pulling the ball back for scotty to slot.
Another run and a quick pass saw Scotty almost unmarked in the circle, but a defender litterally pounced on him, in the process gifting the Frtas a Stoke.
Scotty stepped up to take it and promptly fliced it straight at the keeper.
In the first half the Farts had a 8 to nil PC count. The second half was more of the same, although Victoria managed to get a PC as well
Veitchy missed an open goal, maybe he really missed Moses presence?.

2 - Scotty (although should have been at least three)
1- Adrian netted his first goal for the Old Farts
1 - Legs
1 - Veitchy

3 - Rich - another good performance on the field, along with good support
2 - Scotty - well he did get 2 goals even if he missed the stroke
1 - Adrian, first goal for the Farts, plus a good solid game
1 - Thanks to Glenn for Umpiring our game
1 - Robbie gets an MVP for umpiring the Young Guns 
1 - Veitchy picks one up as well for bringing the Oranges 

News Flash - Star Farts Striker injured in suspected Terrorist attack

Newsflash - Monday 17th May

Today the Old Farts Star striker - Moses - was terribly maimed in what is a suspected terrorist attack by rival hockey clubs.  

Moses had been riding slowly and carefully up the Hayward's hill when he came across a swath of diesel that appears to have been deliberately placed in his path to catch him.

Police have no clues except that a man in a white robe with a tea towel on his head, accompanied by a very attractive women dressed completely in black were sighted leaving the scene, both were carrying hockey sticks.

To understand the terrible impact of this incident , this reporter managed to get an interview with the victim, in between him lapsing in and out of consciousness

"I’m out of action for about 6-7 weeks with a dislocated collar bone, after taking flying lessons on Monday evening (specifically, skidding out on a patch of diesel on my bike going up Hayward’s Hill).

You’d be surprised how much fun it is, watching the world/sky go past at 90kph, whilst sliding on your back.  Fortunately, I missed the median barrier (aka cheesecutters), actually running parallel to them at arm’s length distance for about 60-70 metres…uphill.  Weeeeeeeeeee.

I even managed to do a backward roll to an upright position, as friction caught up me at the end of the slide, earning 5.9’s all around from those who witnessed it (but I think the Aussie judge marked me down to 5.7, so no surprises there I guess).

Aside from aforementioned collarbone, there wasn’t a scratch on me (nor did I need to change my underpants).  My m/c kit, however, is totally munted – as is the bike…not to mention my ego, which is in tatters."

Saturday, May 8, 2010

R1 Promotion opportunity - but it slips through our fingers

Today the Mighty Farts had an opportunity to advance into R1, but we let it slip through our fingers.  

To be honest up front, Petone played the better Hockey, they played as a team, with lots of passing to unmarked players, where as the Farts played more like a team of individuals and never quite linked up, although we had our moments.

The Frats had lots of pressure early on but couldn't convert. Instead it was Petone that got the early break with 3 quick goals that got the Frats heads down. To cap it off the Farts went to the sheds 4-0 down.

Ash was on hand to give us a tongue lashing, however his advice at half time was the same as it was before the game, and we simply didn't listen.  The old adage "the ball travels faster than the player"was highlighted.

To be fair though we started to play better in the second half again, and had lots of pressure and numerous PC's, but only managed to convert one when Cam latched onto the goalies partial save of Muzza's first shot and flicked it into the net.

Cam had lots of shots on goal, and with most going high there are rumours that the chiefs might sign him up as their number 10, as he had similar stats to their other kickers.

Stand out players for the day were Timbo, who saved a number of goals, and Richard L who was making his return appearance for the Farts after a number of years off to injury.

3 -  Timbo - great game -  lots of commitment
2 - Richard L - good first back appearance
1 - Kirin - she did well to organise a group of Naenae 3 (the Young Guns) players to support us, they were very vocal and encouraging (although maybe they came to scope out the opposition given they are now in R2 alongside the Farts

1 - Toddy for stirling work with the oranges

Last weeks game was a 6-3 loss. There is no match report as this reporter was swanning off in Taupo at the hotpools and it appears none of the rest of the team can write.  So each of the goal scorers gets a MVP point each, Cam, Needle and Scotty.

Needle gets an extra one for the oranges, and Trapper umpired the R4 team.