Monday, April 23, 2012

Young(er) Farts go down but there are positives from the negatives!

Sunday dawned with a quiet gloom over the capital with many appearing to still be suffering from the previous nights hammering of the Horricanes by the Crusaders (some appeared to be suffering more than others, Trapper apparently one of them!).
Earlier in the week Mark Hammett had spoken with the Farts management as both franchises had large player changes over the off season with new blood coming into both teams. Mark spent time asking Farts management for their success secrets and took away a heap of notes to bring into the Hurricanes camp for this year.
At leaset it was sunny and fine as the Farts took the field for their second game of the preseason promotion/relegation series yesterday. In a ploy to more quickly bring the newer players up to speed, and also as part of the strategic conditioning of the experienced players, the start saw most of the Farts regulars on the sideline.
To be fair, and “all credit to the opposition”, but the final score line didn’t really reflect the complete nature of the game. The Farts had plenty of opportunities, but couldn’t connect to take full advantage of them. In the first half Willy and Rearend were both unable to capitalise on some strong runs and well hit balls into the circle by Isaac “Usain Bolt”. The constant pressure did see the Farts winning a number of PC’s, which saw Toddy stride forward from the back line. The big guy trapped the second one calmly, took one step right of the advancing defender and slammed it into the back board.
With it so early in the season the coaching team were able to move some players around to test combinations, and Nuts took advantage by slipping onto the field into the Left wing. Before the management had noticed, he’d received the ball, scorched up the field around 3 defenders and laid off a beautiful ball for Chicken Legs to slot home.
Mrs Nuts then rushed up to the management and pleaded for them to take him off before he actually scored himself. Not certain what that was about, maybe what “goes on tour stays on tour”?
More pressure was applied after that but without any goals to the Farts. There were a lot of Positives to come out of this result, a number of the young guys put their hands up, as did Rearend (but that was just to ask to go to the toilet). Some guys might be destined for transfer to other teams (Can’t call it Higher honours, as what is higher than playing for the Farts?).
The midfield is looking strong, good performances by Craig and Al, but built on by the new guys. Late in the second half BJ took a quick tap out of defence, chewed up 50 metres before he was illegally shut down by Harbour City, then again took the tap to set the Frats up for another Foray into the circle.
So stay tuned sports fans, keep those payment for the season tickets rolling in (ps send them to Trapper TV, PO Box 48145, Upper Hutt) as this season will only get better.

1 – Toddy (pity the poor groundsman that had to repair the dent in the backboard left by his shot
1 – Chicken Legs – good following up from Nuts dazzling run

3- Craig – solid game, took control of the mid field and ran all day
2 – Issac – some great runs and looked phat is his sunglasses
1 – Al –another solid game from an old timer.
2 – Rearend – Umpired R1’s and also one of the womens games Saturday, apart from that really didn’t do much at all.
Next Game – Elsdon - Sunday 12.45 hit off – Chicken Legs to bring the Oranges

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Game 1 under our belts....... (to the tune of Madonna's - "like a virgin.......")

Well, the season is underway and a true thoroughbred at the Melbourne Cup, the team held themselves back to ensure they peak later in the season.

It was obvious from the fractured small talk and the line up of players going to the gents before the game that this was a nervous start top a new look (younger!) Farts team, Maybe they were nervous because they had heard rumours of the infamous initiation processes that new players are subjected to. The old hands held back from enforcing this on sunday, heightening the nervous tension of the new Young Farts.

Breaking another Old Farts tradition though, we actually had a full team for our first game of the season.

Karori also had a very youthful look, and heaps of subs, won the toss and hafter taking out their sextants and calculation tables chose to play into the sun in the first half. The had calculated that in the second half the sun would be lower, and with the reflection off Trappers head the entire Farts defence would be looking into the blazing sun.

It would be nice to be able to give a blow by blow account of the game, but to be honest my memory is also getting older (funny that) and i spent most of the time trying to will my body to move and/or just to breath.

The game was reasonable even sided, and the Farts went to the half time sheds 1 down, a goal that had come from a dubious Karori umpires decision, blowing the whistle when they were on attack in our circle, and of course the entire Farts team stopped playing (i think to be honest because they wanted to get their breath as well) but Karori played on and slotted the goal.

The second half was a harder affair, as the Karori team used their rolling subs to keep the players fresh, while a couple of Farts were rolling to, but across the ground. I was waiting for the umpire to give them yellow cards for Simulation, but realised he would have to resuscitate them first so he stayed away. Karori had most of the possession and territory, although there were some forrays into the Karori circle. Trapper had a stunning run down the right flank, beating the left back and forcing the goalie to save what would have been a certain goal (well, in trappers mind anyway).

At the other end the defence held up against Karori, Damon (the new Gok) saved a goal off the line, Toddy and Nuts were "solid" and Rearend was often sprawling to save shots.

Karori did manage 2 more goals, and the game ended with a 3-0 loss .

Although a loss, there were pleasing points to the game, with such an influx of new players (most of whom i can't remember their names) and the Older Old Farts rusty and almost at their peak fitness (yeah right) the team looked ok. After a few games we will be a well oiled winning machine.

3 - Nuts - strong game in defence, some great tackles as well, even managed a jog (although it was onto the pitch before the game started)
2 - Gok (Damon) saved goal off the line
1 - Rearend - managed a few saves, took out a couple of Karori players and was over heard advised Gok that he needed to beef up if he wanted to stay in the Farts team!

Check out the blog for reviews, news and coming events.

Next weeks game is at NHS1, 3.45 V Harbour town. Can you please confirm or decline via teamer , or let me know closer to the game so i can arrange an umpire if necessary.

Well sports fans, just what you have been waiting for, another season of the Old Farts....

Yes, hard to believe that little over 6 months ago we cleaned our gear and stored it ready for the new season.

Well its time to get it out, dust it off and prepare for another action packed Old Farts season.

There have been some changes to the team over the summer lay off, we lost some players in the draft, and picked up some new blood (much younger blood too which is great so that we older guys don't need to do all the running around) and have contracted into the team some players that filled in for us last year (Tim, Damon, Bradly).

So the new look Old Farts team will take the field on Sunday, NSH2, 2.30 for our opening game against old rivals Karori 2. Obviously there is some organise to be done re positions, introductions and the dreaded Farts initiation process, and as we believe in being prepared, the first Farts training session will be at NHS at 2.00 on sunday, enough time to do the usual Farts warm ups (chew the fat, friendly abuse, glen to have a smoke) and also to introduce the new players to the team.

See you all on sunday.

PS - I believe Damon (Who recently was a guest star on Project Runway)  is the new Gok, and he will be bringing shirts for those that don't have them.

PPS - No Oranges this week, as the NHS doesn't have a BYO license, so we will have a quiet one after the game upstairs. Ants will bring the first oranges of the year to our first "home" game at Elsdon later in the month.

PPPS - To those that haven't, you can join our facebook page Old Farts, and also siign up to the Blog to get schedule for games, after match reviews, and MVP points etc