Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Old Farts - an intro.

The Old Farts are as the name suggests, a hockey team made up of a bunch of Old Farts.
We are all "more mature" players, although last year saw a couple of "honorary" Old farts, as we had a couple that were two young really to play with a team that had so much stored wisdom and knowledge (most of it appears to be stored around the waist line!).

Most of the players have played their earlier (spring and summer) seasons for Nae Nae, and are now into their autmun years, (like trees, leaves at top fall off, trunk thickens at waist line, small animals and insects start living in the crevices)

Every game we have a newsletter email, with a run down of the game, (or just running down the players) and a reminder of next weeks game.

This season, while i was musing therough the permuatations I hit on the idea of runnig a blog instead!

So here it is.

I'll attempt to attach the review of previous years, and also some pics as time goes on.

Communications and marketing executive, team list compiler and team archivist