Tuesday, July 30, 2013

UH Young Guns wilt under the heat of the sun and onslaught of the Farts forwards.

t starting to feel like spring, and just like the daffodils start to pop their heads above the ground, with this stage of the season the Old Farts start to hit their straps.
It was a balmy and sunny morning, and the Farts stepped onto the turf to meet the young Guns of UH2. The UH2 team was predominately college players, and not only were their average age well below that of the Farts, but also their average body weight was as well.
The Farts would certainly have the scrum advantage, although UH2 felt they had the firepower out wide to counter that.
The last time these two teams met, UH raced away to a 4-2 lead in the first half, but crumbled under the grinding anaerobic onslaught of the Farts players in the second to come away managing a draw.
During the warm-ups pre-match, the Farts practised PC’s and especially layoff rather than direct shots.
Trapper provided some pre match tactics to the Farts, mainly around hanging on till the pre-pubescent UH2 team has used all their nervous sexual energy up (which they were too young to do anything with anyway) and were stuffed, and then strike hard.
And so it started, with UH again opening the scoring within minutes – Damn.
The Farts had a couple of breaks, and managed to get a PC from the UH umpire, Big Toddy stepped up to receive, Dan slotted into the Inside left lay off position with clear instructions from trapper to move forward to receive the layoff.
Toddy trapped the pass, and slammed the ball inside the LH upright, the ruse had worked as UH thought that Dan would get the layoff!
The rest of the half was pretty much determined defending, and although UH scored toi take a 2-1 lead into the sheds at half time if it was for the determination and gritty defensive efforts the Farts would have found themselves down by more.
The second half started much more evenly,  and it didn’t take too long before  Nuts shuffled up into the RW position. Not long after that Trapper got a pass (this requires special mention as it’s the first ones he got almost all season), drove into the circle and drew the goalie before throwing a square ball to nuts in front of an open goal. Needless to say in his excitement (already had visions of the goal rewards) he completely fluffed the shot. But it started to rattle the UH defence.
Things started to open up on the left hand side, another ball from Dave R was deflected into the circle by Trapper and this time Nuts put it away 2-2.
Upper Hutt started to loss energy and confidence, the game was opening up and the Farts were really starting to exploit it with long balls into the front three.
Phil moved into CF and instantly worked with Trapper to create great space and provide through balls that were really pressuring the UH defence.
Another long ball into the circle, Trapper tried to steer it past the goalie but only managed to deflect it straight into his pads, but quick as a flash he pounced on the rebound and slammed it into the backboard. 3-2 to the Farts.
UH really started to hang their heads down now, and the Farts forwards were having a field day. Al stepped up his attacking efforts and was dominate on the right flank, Vince was all over the UH players when they had the ball and turning it over from defence into attack.
Another long ball into the circle from the inside right position and Trapper saw his moment of glory, hooking the stick over the ball he deflected it past the gobsmacked goalie into the right hand corner of the backboard .
This was probably the best goal in recent Farts history in the opinion of this humble reporter.
With only 5 or so minutes to go, trapper came off and let Vince run the left hand sideline. UH seemed to get a late second wind, and pulled one back but it was as pointless as Nonu trying to get a Super15 contract, the Farts had the win.

2 - Trapper  
1 – Nuts
1 – Toddy

3- Vince – never stopped back tackling and pressuring the UH players, and turned defence into attack, effective also at Left wing and always willing to listen to the advice from his elders (well mainly willy, and he’s damn old)
2 – Al - superb efforts on attack and defence

1 – Trapper – didn’t get sent off, scored 2 and set up another

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Farts call for training tips from Team America after being blown around on sunday

R+The weather was attrocious, the persistent rain, low temperature and gale force winds were almost bad enough to call the game off, unfortunately that didn't happen and the teams took the field to battle the elements as well as each other.

The game was very even, and considering the bad weather both teams playing a pass/trap game. Northern had most of the pressure, probably through a higher ratio of younger players and also having reserves.

Willy had to play a full game as Trapper umpired and didn't want to take off his warmer and somewhat dry jacket, beanie, trackies etc to brave the elements of the second half! Maybe Willy is a cold weather performer, or just likes a heavy track as he certainly played well.

In between readjusting the goals (due to being blown around by the wind, at half time one was blown over and only stopped by the fence behind it) Northern United scored a goal in each half, to win 2-0.

The Farts had their chances, and for most of the game actually started to look good with a lot more passing through the halves and inners than has been the case most of this season, but couldn't manage to score.

Phil had a great game in defence and driving forward, willy was solid up front and the newest Old Fart John also showed promise on the Right wing, not bad after not playing for 20 (mumble mumble something) years.

Here's what John had to say

First a big Thanks to Trapper, what an awesome guy the club has in him, hes so friendly, very organised and a fantastic umpire...........yeah right.

Thanks to you and the team for making me welcome on my return to the hockey field. I had fun in the atrocious conditions, lungs burning and all.  It's a shame my hammy gave out as I tried to keep up with the blistering pace of the game (that is, the scorching pace of Isaac and Willy)  and find that elusive northern goal that was tacking around in the southerly gale like an America's Cup yacht. Northern had some skilled players, and a bit of fitness too, but we were well in it with Farts defence doing a ton of resolute and determined work. 

I'm keen to play again. This weekend I'm away on a family trip -- just as well as my hammy needs time to heal -- but am a keen reserve or starter or whatever for the following weekend.  

My winger skills to work on
- pushing the ball through a swimming pool is a bad move, will try smacking it hard so it skims like a flat stone across calm water
- getting that centring pass away before being tackled
- positional awareness and adjusting to close marking, and lack of space and time
- rewinding the cassette tape to find some old classic skills from last century.

3- Big Phil - great defence
2- John -  awesome first game, we expect heaps now as he gets his touch
1 - Trapper - braved the weather to umpire

Special mention to the WAG's (Mrs Big Phil, Mrs Trapper, Ms Nuts and Mrs Dan to be) for coming and cheering on the team.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Old Farts go down with weakened team

The Old Farts took the field last night with only 10 players, including the call up of umpire Rearend back into the starting line up as the 2nd stand in goalie (with Footie away and Vinvce out due to injjury).

YWCA were kind enough to supply an 11th man, and also both umpires, a refreshing change compared to other clubs we've come up against this year.

The first half was a bit of an arm wrestle, both teams having chances and i think both umpires struggling to see in the poor lighting.  

YWCA went one up. The Frats had a period camped in the RH corner, Trapper took a number of quick long corners, then a quick free hit to Craig who deflected into the circle  a scramble around the spot and Danial (on loan from YW) scored.

When the half time whistle went YW had added a couple to be up 3-1.

in the second half  the Farts certainly had some chances but run out of steam and gradually sucumbed to YW's pressure. 

There were a couple of fast break outs  that could have resulted in goals  including Phil diving headlong to connect to a Trapper run and pass and Zac beating the goalie only to miss an open goal.

There was some strong defence in the second half especially Nuts putting all his efforts into it, and Al running like someone half his age. Willy pulled up lame with 6 or so minutes to go, and certainly looks destined for the physios bench (they shot horses don't they?) for a while.

The final score (6-1) flattered YW a bit, but full praise to them for the spirit in which the game was played in, YW who supplied both umpires and provided a player for us , Danial, who played his heart, scored our only goal and got MVP

A number of players are injured and looks like we might struggle to maintain a full team.

3 Danial (YWCA)
2 Al
1- Nuts

1 Danial (YWCA)