Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hawkes Bay Masters Napier - 21st to 23rd September

The Masters are on again,  Kapiti Klubbers are sending a masters team.
The Old Farts management team (this morning breakfast) discussed it and are keen to go again, who's in?
The surgestion is this year we takes WAGS as well.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Old Farts claw a draw from the mouth of a crushing defeat.

The Old Farts lined up against UH 2 this afternoon, and Vince would have been the only one that was the same "generation" as the entire UH 2 squad.

They had youthful fitness and a degree of skill in their side, and promptly ran at the Farts right from the hit off.
It wasn't long before UH. Were 2-0 up, but then Wily pulled one back. The Farts broke through their defense up pushing down the flanks several times but could score anymore. By half time the score was 4-1.

A stirring half time talk from Nuts called the team to put there bodies on the line.

And it seemed to work. Not long into the 2nd half Trapper pushed down the left flank and drew a free hit 5m from the circle. With UH seeming to be asleep Trapper dribbled into the circle, dummied then slammed the ball just inside the RH upright.
A couple of UH players contiuned to do carving runs, although Trapper put his body on the line to stop one, badly hurting his arm in the process, and drawing a green card while the UH player picked himself up from the turf.

The game swung back and forth, UH pushed down their left flank, but Al was strong on the tackles and turned the ball around to drive into the UH half on a number of occasions.

Two greta saves also geed up the team, a sprawling Footie managed to get stick on ball to clear just in time, and Nuts heroically saved a near certain goal from the line.

The Farts Broke out and Moses was on the end of Zacs good work and clawed back another goal 4-3!

Another late break from Zac, drawing the goalie and passing to Dan who'd followed up 4-4!

The Farts had lots of pressure in the last few minutes and a couple of PC's but couldn't complete the "win from behind"
Goals to Wily, Trapper, Dan and someone else

3 -  Al, great resolve in defence and driving forward in attack
2 - Zac - continues to run around like the energiser bunny
1 - Dan lots of energy and Great following up to get the last goal