Monday, April 26, 2010

The winning streak continues!

Another winning weekend for those two stalwart teams of wellington sports, but in the tradition of Anzac weekend, both were a “close run thing”.
First the Hurricanes showed the way in a nail baiting win over the Highlanders, The game had patches of flare and skill and a fair bit of poor handling too.
Then Sunday afternoon the mighty Farts took the field against their rather younger and mostly smaller Rongotai Sports foes.
It was a strange start to the first half, Nuts was the “run on” right back but at the whistle was no where to be seen (maybe his guts were still playing up from all the Easter eggs he ate at Easter) so Toddy had to whip on for him, and secondly the Rongotai goalie was no where to be seen.
Unfortunately the Frats weren’t able to capitalize on the lack of a goalie, or the early pressure they exerted, although poor umpiring added to it as well.
Rongotai scored first after they sprinted out of defence in numbers, poor Tim (Glen is out with surgery on his wrist) in goal had no chance.
Vietchy scored to level the scores. Trapper showed his worth by firstly winding up a Rongotai sub, then subsequently asking the umpire to have a word to him resulting in him being warned.  Later in the second half there was a coming together with the same player and Adrian, and while the umpire was wandering down to sort it out Trapper (from the sideline) reminded the umpire it was the same player he’d already warned. Result, one Rongotai player in the bin!
The lads went into the sheds a couple of minutes later still at 1-1. A stirring talk at half time by Adrian, then Vietchy, The Dave, Then Scotty and finally Robbie (we really are a team full of coaches!) fired us up for the second half.
We still maintained pressure in the second half, which resulted in a string of PC’s.
Up strode big Bad Muzza from defence (like a gunslinger in and old black and white western).
His first shot at goal from a PC was a real zinger, I doubt the goalie even saw it and I’m sure it moved the goal back a couple of inches. It was the hardest hit of the season so far. 2-1!
Another PC, this time Muzza’s first shot was saved, and after a bit of a scramble he slotted his second. He had brought along his own fan club which outnumbered almost all of the other spectators, and they went wild. 3-1 up!
More pressure followed; although we couldn’t convert we started to feel pretty confident.
Then Rongotai started to get some ball of their own.  One attack was thwarted by the goalie taking a fiercely struck hit to the chest like the hero from a Rambo movie. Timbo saved us a couple of times, and both Toddy and Muzza put in big efforts with tackling to stop attacks around the circle.  But with less than 10 mins to go they scored two good goals to level the match.
What a disappointing end to the match that would be, but Vietchy slotted his second nearly on full time to give the Farts a well earned win.
Nuts brought the oranges, and a note to future orange bringers, please make sure they have easy to remove tops. Needle spent 10 mins trying to unscrew the top off the fruit juice bottle, finally he asked fr help and Adrian simply flipped the top up!

2- Muzza
2 – Vietchy

3 – Muzza for his two goals, and for solid defence which included standing his ground as a Rongotai player tried to go through him.
2 – Timbo – good performance by the stand in goalie
1 – Trapper – Officially an assist - got one of their players warned then binned
1 – Nuts – Brought the oranges, what more can I say?

No word of next weeks game yet, will keep you posted.
Needle to bring oranges.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Three from Three for the Farts

Three from Three for the Farts
A reasonable sporting weekend for the capital, although the Pulse result was as expected, both the “Horricanes” and the Farts had wins.
It was rumoured that Colin Cooper had secretly watched the Farts in their thumping of Harbour City the previous weekend, (which was a bye week for the Canes) and it became evident that he had used the subtle nuances and motivational techniques that the Farts employ to gee up the canes for Friday nights clash with the Bumblies.  Maybe he brought the oranges? Whatever it was it worked.
So with the Canes winning Friday night it was over to The Farts to continue their winning way, and this they did with a 5-2 home win over a younger looking Northern United.
This game continues to showcase the strength and speed training that the Farts had undergone in the off season (see who could lift and down the biggest glass of beer in the quickest time?), especially in the heat and blaring sun. Right from the first whistle they played the game at pace, with probing attacks up the middle from the forwards.
Trapper had a huge role in both of the first two goals, in the first coming back and helping pressure the United attack into a sloppy “play of the ball”, which was quickly intercepted by Moses and passed onto Cam to finish. The second Trapper intercepted a ball (from a back tackle) and his pass released Moses to part the defence and score.
United tried to respond but were limited to fast breakouts when the Farts attack lost the ball.  The only thing limiting the farts from opening the scoring higher was their inability to covert once they had done the hard work.
Cam nailed another goal in the second half, this one a reverse stick shot that fair rocketed into the top left hand net.  One downside of Cams ability to thump the ball is that the Farts forwards are all nervous about standing close to the goal and GK for rebounds etc, as the feel like they are in the firing line!
Needle maybe the next super sub, coming on in the second half for a spell, he slotted a goal almost with his first touch. 
Scotty botched another, and was lucky the umpire didn’t card him for a “dive in box”, especially as it was a pretty crap dive at that. The4 Frats got a PC but weren’t able to convert it.
Scotty did score late in the second half, he pounced on a initial save by the United goalie and left him sprawling as he hit the backboard.
Cam - 2
Moses - 1
Needle -1
Scotty – 1

3 - Cam : again a strong game, lots of running and some good goals, although his shot completion average was down at around 7.6%
2 – Todd : solid game, some good tackles and solid hit outs.  Tough ask but he stood in for the absent  Muzza (and that’s a bit gap to fill!) , especially with his hair streaming back as he spirited back in defence
1 (+1 for umpiring)  – Craig : a bit of a quieter game for Craig this week although still some good touches and positional play. That earned him a point, plus a bonus point for volunteering to umpire the R3’s – maybe they would like to buy him some extra points given they won 10 – 2?)
1 – Scotty Brought he oranges

Adjustment  to MVP points
Each time a player volunteers for umpiring and/or brings the oranges they will earn an extra MVP point, this is to recognise that The Farts are about more than just the hockey,  so
·         Robbie and Moses half a point each for umpiring our first game.
·         Glen 1 pt for doing last week’s R3 game, plus 1 pt for the oranges
·         Trapper 1 pt for oranges.

Next week’s game
Next week’s game is on Anzac day, so it’s a compulsory “wear a poppy day” in remembrance of those that sacrificed for our country (seriously guys, wear a poppy please).

The game is  Sunday afternoon 4.00pm at Fraser. It’s a “crossover” grading game against Rongotai Sports, who are currently second in the B section of our grade with 1 win from 3.
The R3 have a bye next week so we don’t need to provider an umpire.  I think Nuts has volunteered for “orange duty” 

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Old Farts game Plan

The following play has been devised for the Old Farts based on Needles synopsis of the skill required for the left wing
No doubt you came to realise that Left Wing is the most difficult, understated position on the field, requiring enormous skill, delicate touches and incredible fitness.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Round 2 – another win for the Farts

Yes, what a day it was. Round 2 of the grading game , first game of the day on a freshly mown strip (new turf laid early this year), bright sunlight, no wind and huge home crowd to sheer us on (well actually 3 wives, 3 girlfriends, 5 kids and a dog) .
The Farts were without key players for this game, Needles was out as he had scheduled the morning for darning his work socks, and Nuts had to withdraw late with a stomach complaint. There were some references to Suzie and the 1995 all blacks, however this reporter has it on good rep that it was a hangover of all the Easter eggs he consumed the weekend before!
Notwithstanding the above, the Farts were able to field a full team and three reserves for this crucial grading game.
The first 5 minutes showed promise with the Farts having all the pressure. Despite a couple of dodgy umpiring calls (including a “foot” well within the circle that was called “just outside” the Farts managed to get a stroke. Up steeped Veitchy, the maestro at strokes, only to put it wide of the left Hand post!
The half continued with more pressure for the Farts and Cam slotted one in (after nearly taking off a defender head with a shot that just went wide). Vic had once chance to score but couldn’t convert it, and the boys went to the sheds 1 nil up.
Early in the second half and cam slotted another. Vic scored, to provide them with a burst of hope but the Farts continued their dominance (although most slowed down to walking pace) with 2 more goals, to Legs and Wicky.
Wicky’s goal was a great touch, started by a pass from Wicky to Moses, then a withering jinking, swerving run down the left inner channel by Moses, he beat the defender (had to regather and nearly beat him again), then went around the advancing goalie, leaving him sprawling on the turf only to nearly lose the ball over the backline. He managed to gather it in (as goalie and other defenders had got back) and flicked back into the goalmouth where Wicky guided it in.
That sealed the game; Vic never had their heads up after that. However the game would have been over well into the first half if it hadn’t been for the saves of their goalie, his work stopped what would have been a double figure defeat.

Cam -2 (remind us next week not to use his ball, maybe he’ll pass it more if its someone elses)
Legs – 1
Wicky – 1

3 - Cam 2 , two good goals, and a lot more pressure applied. Cam put in 100% even though he had just finished a fiull days work (Night shift) and also still overcoming the off season birth of his daughter (now 3 months old). Given that he showed amazing stamina and pace
2 - Adrian solid in the halves on both attack and defence, and continues to show good leadership
1 Craig – strong game for second hit out after a years lay off.
-1 Veitchy loses a point for missing the stroke

Special mention to Glen for bringing the oranges and also volunteering to umpire the R3’s.

Next weeks oranges: Scotty.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Long legged attractive blond in a bikini walks out with a sign held up - "Round 2"

Yes guys, round 2 already.

Hope you’ve all recovered fully from the first game, and are fit and rearing to go for the second! The game is this Saturday morning, 10.00am (god it’s like playing schoolboy hockey again)

Obviously in his new role as Captain Adrian is busy working on filling out the play book, and some strategies for the Farts to conquer all, so to help him can you confirm if you are available for the game on Saturday morning. Needle has already advised he can’t make it (he has booked out Saturday morning to darn his socks) so that frees up the wing position (although he has asked the player that fills it to “keep it warm for his return”).

Oranges – Glen your turn this week
Umpiring – we need to supply an umpire for the R3 game on Saturday afternoon at Elsdon, 2.40pm, can I have a volunteer? (we should all take a turn if possible please)

Shirts – still no sign of the rather large shirts (my mistake, I was told 3 or 4 weeks, not a couple) however ill bring the plain ones along again. I’ll get the invoices out for these this week.