Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Excitement builds like children waiting for christmas

Imagine the opening music to "2001 .... a space odyssey" (if you don't know it Robbie still has the record!), the sun is raising up from the horizon, the shadows of the stark pillars lengthen across the ground

Is it Stonehenge, is it Easter island,..........the music is louder and getting close to the blasting trumpets and booming kettle drums of the finale........................no, its the Old Farts!

Standing tall (and wide), sun glistening off their shiny brows (and tops and sides on some), rock solid awaiting the whistle to blow on the opening game of the new season (well actually trying to get their breaths back because they jogged the 10 metres to get on the field) , the first game of 2010.

Yes sports fans, the season is about to start again, the excitement builds, its more exciting than the back seat of a car up holburn drive on a Saturday night, more action than Taita Hotel at closing time, more tense than the stand off between Nuts and his rubber ducky while he's trying to explain why he has to leave her alone at home again to go to work.

With the dawn of the new decade, so to a new era at the Farts. We already have 12 or 13 committed (or should be committed) players for the team.
Positions in the forwards are going to be hotly contested with one (no names eh Dave N) already stating that he'd like he usual position of LW, although admitting that he's preferred position was missionary (and with a rider that its with a big busty blond Swedish pilates instructor).

One player who doesn't quite make the age limit on the team is so keen to play he's willing to out a grey rinse through his hair (just shave it all off Cameron)

We look forward to the return of big bad Muzza in the back line.

We are starting planning already for a end of season trip away to HB, and rumor has it already that the vehicles may need to stop to "cool down" up around Manganitoka.

We are looking to get a set of shirts that we can call our own (yes Scott, i know you really like that green and white boob tube number, but its so 80's). attached is a sample of one such possibility. The cost is around $50 each, which inc's Robbie's Naenae Hockey old farts logo on the front, player name and number on the back, and a sponsors logo on the front.

We are looking for a shirt sponsor, so if anyone knows of a company that's willing to even put forward $500 that would be good, they get their logo on the front of the shirt (well probably on some shirts its more likely to be towards the side and down!) and we will include a logo and link on the blog etc etc etc.

Without a sponsor, the alternative is we each dip into our pockets and purchase our own shirt, but it will be a keepsake, and in years to come very valuable on Trademe.

Pre season training at the club has already started, however the first "old Farts training run" will be at 111a Johnsons Rd, Saturday 13th of March. Bring you wives, partners , boyfriends, kids (yes nuts, the rubber ducky is welcome) some food and drink. This will be a team spirit meeting, as we have plenty of spirits in the cupboards to finish off.

So there you have it, the first team email (and blog) of the new season

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

This is the dawning of the age of..............(to the tune of age of aquarious!)

With the dawning of a new decade so too is soon to birth a new season of that great sport of Hockey.

The Old Farts had an up and down season on the field last year, but most felt it was one of the best for a social and team spirit feeling for years. The Old farts even triumphed over the young guns, to settle the question of superiority for all time.

Soon (about 8 weeks) it will all start again, so this is your opportunity to recommit to this band of jolly (well they all look like a jolly friar tuck, balding, with a rippling beer keg stomach) men (plus Nuts).

Who amongst you is game to again girth yourself in the red and black and take on the rest of the world? It’s time to put your names forward, so we can start to view the depth of experience that we will have in the team (and add up the playing years too).

We debated the issue of a end of season trip to Napier last year, but due to extreme late notice didn’t advance it, however we are keen to go this year and do battle in their masters tournament.

To this end we would like to look at getting our own shirts, with our names on them (you know, Nuts, Trapper, Vietchy, Gok etc.

So, I’d like you to think (not too long or at your age you’ll forget what you were supposed to be thinking about) and let me know if you are keen for another season of hockey, then we can do some maths (probably have take off my shoes and socks) re cost of shirts etc and I’ll get off my small and petite bottom and try to get some sponsorship for them.

So, whose in!