Thursday, October 14, 2010

Farts defence endure torrid time at WHA Masters

The Farts defense endured a torrid time in both its recent games in the WHA masters.  despite highly rated opposition, they withstood wave after wave of attacks, and its obvious that the management sessions that Mark Hagar had with Farts management about defence prior to going to Delhi paid off with a silver to our womens black sticks team!

Sunday vs Northern - Lost 3-0
Northern arrived with big guns expecting a hard game against the Farts.
Another mixed bag of players, some old faces and a few new ones, saw the Farts with a run on eleven and a couple of subs, a nice feeling to have.
It was an arm wrestle in the first half with both sides having their chances, but the Northern ‘guns’ gradually took control in second half for a 3-0 win.
Fart of the day, Rearend

Wednesday vs Varsity - Lost 1-0
Sundays new faces returned, drawn to the spirit and camaraderie of the Farts. It was also apparent that there's a horde of players out there desperate to add having played for the Farts to their Sporting CV.
The first half was all Varsity, described by rearend as like being in shooting gallery or was that goal during a forward training session. This however gave the Farts defence an opportunity to show their skill, determination and true worth, and great play by Rearend, Nuts, Ropes, Mark (Petone) and Robyn (Upper Hutt) meant the Farts went to the sheds at half time only 1-0 down to Varsity.
The second half was a more even affair, with the the Farts getting a chance to show their skills, entering the Varsity circle and even managing some shots on goal. Varsity has the best changes with PC’s and a Stoke but failed to convert anything and the Farts came off at full time having held Varsity to just the 1 goal.
Rearends physiological warfare before the stroke paid dividends when Varsity hit the posts and the ball came to rest outside the circle.
Fart of day was Tim Tessier, something to do with missing easy goals.