Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ever get the feeling of Deja Vu.....

The Farts took the field for their second early game in two weeks.

Still missing Ants (back complaint - maybe tied to recently married) and Al who was off sniffing petrol fumes at Manfield.
Nuts won the toss and chose the ball, and the Farts had early pressure, Jason up the middle and down the right sideline with Trapper carving the defence up.

A free hit outside the circle was dribbled sideways by Matt, then driven in, trapper got a stock to it and nudged it onto a Hutt foot for a PC. Toddy stepped up, and slammed the ball goalwards to collect a defender on the way, its ended up dribbling into the goal but the umpire had given a stoke!

Trapper stepped up, and slotted it high on the right side.

Hutt had some pressure, including several PC's and forcing Damon to save off the line although the defence held out.

Nuts subbed himself onto the left wing, and wily moved into the CF position, and clearance from the halves found wily, driving into the circle and past a defender a lay off to Nuts and Farts were 2-0 up.

UH pulled one back, and the Farts went to the sheds 2-1 up. Nuts and Wily reiterated the pregame plan, play wide, move the ball.

The second half however felt like Deja Vu from the previous week, The game opened up, and UH played a structured game, with plenty of passing, however the Farts played an individual game, with players often receiving the ball in space but then dribbling into contact to lose the ball rather than moving it to other players in space, and trying to force the ball up the middle.

Some strange malady seemed to effect players too, as even stalwarts like Craig just couldn't seem to hit the ball consistently, with a number of fluffed shots and even more soft passes direct to UH players.

the net result was UH clawed back to level, then scored the winner.

The Farts had some pressure in the second half, including a couple of PC's but weren't able to get even close to scoring.

UH won 3-2, and deserved to win, with more structure and moving the ball around the park, something this Farts teams struggles to do for more than a half.

There was no play based MVP's this week, due to the overall crap performance of the team. Timbo does deserve a mention as he kept the scoreline to a close event.

Rearend picked up a point for Umpiring, and the Bookers got half a point each for the oranges.

1 - Trapper
1 - Nuts

Monday, August 20, 2012

It was a game of 2 halves - but full credit to the opposition

An old cliché but the right one for the Farts game yesterday. The Farts won the first half 3-0, but Indians won the second 4-1! And full credit to the opposition for their resurgence in the second half.

Those who are old enough, but with their memories not that clouded by excessive hydration, will remember Fitzy saying those so often quoted words in a similar circumstance.

Although there was a cold wind blowing (when isn’t there at Fraser) it was fine and the pitch was dry (damn) and Hard (Damn again), when the Farts come out for an early game (9.45! ) yesterday against Indians.

The Farts had most of the pressure, possession and position in the first half. With the wings both playing wide and high, there were gaps in the Indians midfield and defence to be exploited, and Trapper on the right did just that. The Farts played a wide game, with quick passing and moved the ball around the Indians defence.
Toddy opened the scoring and got the third, both with hard hit shots from PC’s. The second Farts goal was lovely thing to watch and showed the team is starting to click. After a free hit on the right, Booker dribbled it up to the circle edge, layed a firmly hit pass to Trapper on the RH post who deflected it parallel to the goal line across to Dan on the LH post to put into the goal behind the sprawling keeper.
The farts had a number of other chances, including a Stroke, which after consultation was down graded to a PC (and was the right decision).

Nuts re itereaded his pregame talk at half time, to continue the short passing, play the ball wide (not up the middle) and go around the Indians as they could trap and going through them wouldn’t work.

Unfortunately most of this went out the window in the second half, it started as an arm wrestle, Indians got an early goal to come back to0 3-1, Al then scored a cracker from the edge of the circle, the spectators on the sideline could hear the crack as it hit the backboard.

But the Farts couldn’t replicate the good play from the first half and eventually Inidians drew back to 4-4.

Dan had a couple more chances on the LH post but couldn’t connect to either of these potential match winners.
And so it ended 4-4.

2 - Toddy
1 – Dan
1 – Al

3 – Dan – great game,. Really starting to make Left wing his own (look out Wily) with great positioning around the goal. He continues to chase everything down as well.
2- Toddy – 2 good goals, his power at PC’s is a great advantage.
1 – Isaac – never stopped running.
1 – Wily – couldn’t make game but still organised for the oranges to be there
1 – Rearend –umpired again, and even changed his call (stroke0 when he realised he’d made a mistake)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Underwater Hockey anyone - Farts win 1-0 over YWCA in the wet.

The Farts waited till nearly start time before venturing out onto a rain lashed Fraser Park last night.

My original hockey coach Bob Rosemergy, played very high level hockey, but also represented NZ at spear fishing and was instrumental in the start up of Underwater Hockey in NZ, and he would have relished in the conditions.

The track was wet and heavy underfoot, but it felt like playing on a real water turf, luckily for Trapper as he took a couple of tumbles (one quite spectacular when Trapper had pushed the ball past the rather rotund Left back who promptly pushed his backside into Trappers way as he sprinted round him, it would have scored better than Feck in the diving competition at the Olmpics) and never lost any skin.

The game was a tight affair, not helped by the standing water, including one huge puddle just outside the northern end circle that always swallowed up the ball.
YWCA had an early chance, with the ball glancing off the post, and a couple of other close calls, but the Farts also had their moments although the umpire at our attacking end seemed reluctant to give a PC, awarding 3 free hits outside for feet that occurred just inside the circle.

Danial was Left wing and had obviously been taking notes from Trapper re positioning, as he was standing just off the post to slot home a cross from the right. 1-0 at half time and the boys huddled under what little shelter there was.

Turning round into the rain was cold and sodden start to the second half. The game continued to seesaw, but the Farts started to get the run of play late in the second half, with 3 or 4 PC’s, although we just couldn’t seem to challenge the goal.

1 – Daniel

3 – BJ – great defence, showing good strength and a lot of deft tackling. Even trned defence into attack a couple of times.
2 – Timbo – some great saves, especially after the windscreen wipers stoipped working on his glasses.
1 –Damon – also strong on defence, especially in the first half when YWCA seemed full of running
1 – Nuts – Oranges?
1 – Rearend - umpiring

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Win 6-3 V Petone

The Farts had a great win against Petone 6-3. The Farts had the ball at the start, and within a minute were attacking up the left, with Trapper ghosting into the right hand post behind the defense, perfectly placed to deflect the ball into the net to open the scoring.
Petone came back and equaled, then the Farts again took the ball wide and up the left, Willy driving into the circle and flicking a pass to the RH post where Trapper was again waiting m, this time to smack a reverse slap in the net
The Petone umpire gave them a PC, and somehow failed to notice that it hadn't gone outside the circle and gave then another equaliser.

Another Farts clear out saw Craig with the ball out in front just over halfway, and saw Trapper unmarked on the wing, a great ball and trapper drove towards the circle nut-meging the defender who then ran straight into Trapper catching him in the face, the whistle didn't go, and no sight of a doctor wanting to check for concussion, so trapper rounded the defender, dribbled to the line and pulled back for Matt Booker slot one.
Isaac showed his pace chasing down a ball over 20 metres away and out pacing two Farts players and a petone player that were only 10 metres away from it.

The boys went to the sheds and a well deserved Jet plane - Halftime 3-2

Petone started to tire in the second half and the Farts had sustained pressure, the Petone Umpire even awarding then some PC's. One resulted ina shot that was stopped on the line by a defenders foot, Ants stepped up slotted the stroke.

His second was a pearler, with a run into the circle and nailed the shot past the goalie from the edge of the circle.

Trapper had been subbed off before half time, and came back on, however with a couple of minutes the Petone umpire felt he needed another 5 mins on the sideline to recover, must be an age thing.

the Farts had all the pressure, with drives into the circle from Jason, Ants and Isaac, and more PC's. Trapper drifted to the left wing, and got his hat trick. Although the Farts could and should have had double figures.

Petone pulled back one after a quick break left Timbo to deal with 2 attackers.

Final Score 6-3

3 - Trapper
2 - Ants
1 - Matt B

4 - Trapper - Hat rick, set up Matts goal (3 for MVP plus 1 for oranges)
2 - Ants - great plays and 2 goals
1 - Isaac lots of great running again
1 - Rearend - Umpired.