Wednesday, February 26, 2014

And now, the time is near.......

Well sports fans, now that we've been able to ignore those less serious attempts at sporting glory (Black Caps, Wgtn 7's, Auckland 9's and Sochi Winter olympics) its nearing the time for that long awaited climax of the sporting year to errupt upon our TV screens, the 2014 Old Farts season.

What will the starting line up look like, How will they go, Will we see Muzza's hair streaming back as he pounds up the field, will they dehyrdate, and that most anticpated evenyt of the year (well for Nuts and Debs) - will Nuts score?

With the opening game only just over a month away, the team already has confirmed
Watkin "did i let that in" Foote,
Rob "Nuts" Almond
Phil "chainsaw" monrad,
Dave "the mad biker" Ryan
Craig " Boom Boom Becker" Porter (check out the sweatband!)
Al (I'm an accountant and too serious for a nickname) Hyndman
Phil "Dynamo" Smith - (Hes not a magician but where does an old fart like him get that energy?)
Wayne "Trapper" Chapman
Dave "moses" Lewin
Jason "I need to get out of the house now im a new dad" Heckman

Wily "the mad Moari" Mcbride

There are also some still to confirm,
Toddy "I've yet to confirm but thats not new" Lymburn
Vince, John (all played last year but some idiot left them off the earlier mailing list!)
Muzza might make his long awaited return
And Foote might have a couple of extra "foote's" for the team, apparantly they can play a bit, but not sure of their other requirements yet - Energetic, endless running, willinginess to buy beer for rest of team

Lastly, maybe Gus might finally accept the challenge and take the promotioon to step up to Naenaes Premier team this year, although he will have to pass a Hydration, Beer purchasing test as well

So there we have it sports fans, a likley looking line up for this year.

Dates for your calender
Preseason Carb loading session - wednesday 26th - 7.30 AM - Cafefiend, Jackson st, Petone
Club Day - Fraser Park 2 - 4 PM Saturday 1st March (yes nuts there will be BBQ there!)