Monday, June 29, 2009

Match report Sun 28th Jun V Rongotai Sports - Drew 2-2

What a weekend that was sports fans!
After a dreary performance by the AB’s on Saturday night, things certainly livened up on the Sunday.

First the farts game, then the Pulse winning!

The farts drew 2-2 with a young bustling Rongatai side. There was lots of free running., lots of action, both hockey and quite a bit of argy bargy!

Paul “I’ll bite your ear off” Veitch was binned in the second half, and although he probably deserved the card, there was certainly a lot of on the ball niggle and lots of off the ball chatter, both form the pitch and the sideline.

Yours truly made up a hat trick for the “I’ve been gouged” club, after a run into the circle and a big shunt from behind saw me sprawling on the turf. Got up with mionor grazing on my knees and then realized someone had turned a tap on in my thumb and blood was just pouring out oif it. Turns out somewhere in the northern circle is a chunk of my thumb, that now looks like a crater!

There were more ‘incidents” to follow for a number of the team.

On the goal front, two very good goals capped off lots of pressure and a number of misses.

Vietchy slotted one in the first half, and Dave N got onto the end of a string of passes and slammed one into the back of the net in the second.

There were missed opportunities; Robbie missed a couple of sitters, and the umpire missed the foot in front of the goal late in the second half!

Leon and Nuts put in big efforst in defence, with Leon doing a number of incisive attacks up the left flank.

3-Robbie (despite 2 missed gimmes), all round good effort
2-Dave N – goal + good battling both in defence and attack
1-Veitchy, tireless running plus goal (but needs to work on his offensive sweep shot!)

Don’t forget casino evening next week, you can pay at the door, I think its $20 a head

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Self pass rules explained

Guys, I've added a link to the video about the new self pass rules. Its quite good explanation.

Have a look

Match report Sun 21st Jun V Victoria 4 - drew 7-7

It seemed like ages since the farts last turned up to a match with 12 players!
This game also saw the return to the red and black, and he certainly made an impact in the first half. The team actually had a reasonably familiar feel to it (something we’ve struggled with recently) with Leon back as well. Having said that we experimented with Veitchy in centre e half, Adrian freed up at right half to attack some more and Warwick played his second return game in the forwards.
They only had 8 players, so the Farts loaned them Shaun (mistake number 1! He played well and scored for Varsity as well!).
It was an open game with lots of running, and often good passing into open spaces. Varsity showed good skill levels at trapping and cutting off the too frequent through balls (Old Farts habits die hard), but still a fast moving and enjoyable game.
The end result was a 7 all draw (believe it or not) so the fans that paid to come and cheer on their favourite side certainly got value for money.

Goal scores for Farts were
Dave L – 3 goals, the second a cracker, a pass from Wayne into Dave around mid circle saw dave flick it up over the goalie just under the cross bar
Wayne – 2 the second it must be said just dribbled over the line after taking a goal ward deflection off a defender, probably the softest goal scored this year. Having said that Wayne had driven into the circle, earned a PC but given advantage, passed and scored off the save of someone else’s shot so maybe just reward (yes i can here Dave N’s comments now about self promotion.....)
Warwick – great goal, strong surge forward, passed, got pass back and nailed it.
Dave N – gain, in the right place at the right time!

3 - Dave L – have to after he’s scored three goals, one awesome one and lots of good support play
2- Wayne – yes I know it looks a jack up, but hey, scored three, set up at least one other and lots of running (and besides, I’ve never been given any points before!)
1 – Dave n – good goal, lots of work

Special Mention
Warwick – slotting back into the Farts well, obviously likes a hard track, only finished couple of races but should be a prospect to look out for later in season
Nuts – hard work as usual, blah blah blah (what else can you say?)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Fart - A poem to showcase the more artist side of the team

A fart it is a pleasant thing,
It gives the belly ease,
It warms the bed in winter,
And suffocates the fleas.

A fart can be quiet,
A fart can be loud,
Some leave a powerful,
Poisonous cloud

A fart can be short,
Or a fart can be long,
Some farts have been known
To sound like a song....

A fart can create
A most curious medley,
A fart can be harmless,
Or silent , and deadly.

A fart might not smell,
While others are vile,
A fart may pass quickly,
Or linger a while......

A fart can occur
In a number of places,
And leave everyone there,
With strange looks on their faces.

From wide-open prairies,
To small elevators,
A fart will find all of
Us sooner or later.

But that farts are all bad,
Is simply not true-
We must never forget....
Sweet old farts like you!

(offered up by Glen our politically corect goalie!)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Match report Sun 14th Jun V Victoria 6 - Lost 4-3

While the media focuses on the All Blacks and their glut of players in the "casualty ward", they have again failed to notice that the other most symbolic of NZ sporting teams, "The Old Farts" are struggling with the same issues.

With the Black caps crashing out of the 20/20 world cup, and the All whites getting thumped, maybe the media will again turn the spotlight on the Farts?

Anyway, onto the match report. The Farts have only just played the 1st game of round robin 1 and were already without a number of regular players due to injury and illness. There was a rumour that some had swine flu, however they were simply over heard eating at the reunion!

Sundays game saw only 11 farts players turn up. This included Wayne who wasn't playing due to having the flu (human flu, well as human as he can be) so he had come to umpire. This left us with really only 10 players capable of taking the field. It must be noted here that Victoria didn't hesitate to offer a player or two to bolster the side to full strength, and the loan player that took Wayne's Right wing position probably played better than he would have.
Did anyone get his name or contact details?

a new "Old Fart" joined the team this week, and made some good runs. Warwick is a "previous" fart, and has come back to reclaim the past glory (more likely the socialising!).

Given the issues with player numbers and no subs, the farts did ok. initially the scoring was neck and neck, the farts even up 2-1 at one stage, but the second half saw them mainly camped on defence.

Again Nuts had a huge game in defence, and although he wanted to come off at the end of the third quarter (blouse) he stayed on and kept going.

Not a lot else can be said, most players had their "walking" moments, simply because they have given their all.

Dave N scored two cracking goals, maybe it was because his wife has fixed up his protection during the week
Dave L scored the other.

All in all, only going down 4-3 was a good result.

MVPs this week
3 - Dave N - for 2 great goals and some back up in defence
2 - Nuts commitment in defence
1 - veitchy - lots of running (might have got more if he passed a bit more though LOL)

On the player front, management is scouring the draft players to try and strengthen the team.
- There are rumours that Might Muzza might be enticed back
- Dave W is toying with the idea, and again this would up our level of Daves
- Dave Joyce was approached but appears to have gone soft!
- This week sees Scotty being beamed back onto the field

Also making another cameo appearance for the Farts this week will be Timbo, he's filling in for Glen who is on "Mother in Law" duty.

Can everyone please confirm that they WILL be playing so i can organise ring ins if required.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Match Report Sun 7th Jun V YWCA 2 – Lost 5-2

Our first game this year on the big field! NHS 1, and a cool one at that. It was decidedly nippy and a good reason for the Farts to keep moving around (easier to keep warm!), although the number of beanies worn may have been testament to the lack of hair (well mine was).

We only had 11 players, and had to supply an umpire, so were under pressure from the get go. To be brutally honest, they were younger, fitter, had more players and appeared to have a coach and real strategy. However these are all things the Farts are used to being up against and apart from the more players, usually we manage to compete well.

However being a player down, and combined with above, it was hard going.
On the positive side, we scored to great goals, Dave N slotted in after Wayne had taken a quick self tap hit in, dribbled a bit (the ball not his mouth, too cold for that saliva was frozen!) and passed into the circle. Dave’s cracking shot didn’t give the goalie a chance.

Dave had another similar shot at goal in the first half (again from a wayne pass) that just whizzed past the outside of the posts.

In the second half, Robbie had a foray into the forwards (he’d volunteered to ump 1st half) and picked up a ball in the CF region, beat a couple of players and hammered it past the Left Hand side of the advancing goalie into the net. Now a spectator did report that Robbie may have had a “foot of god” incident in the dribbling, but hey, great goal.

We have a number of chances in the second half, mostly long balls that Wayne latched onto, and although he looked impressive with his running style (you know, hair blowing in the wind, lithe muscular body.....) he promptly wrecked most of that imagery by stuffing up the pass or some such. Not always but definitely room for improvement

Four players stood out this week.
Nuts 3pts – played an awesome role in defence, and had a big second half. Also out in a cracking centring pass in the first half that Wayne managed to get his head out of the way of
Leon 2pts – great commitment, lots of horizontal tackling! And saved a goal off the line in the first half
Glen 1pts – in the first half his keeping kept the score down, even under huge pressure
Aldo – silly fool had his appendix out 6 days ago and still turned up to play, now thats commitment and deserves special MVP of 2 pts.

Finally a funny comment to end the report.
A certain player, who shall remain nameless due to a court injunction (but he plays left wing and scored a gaol!) commented prior to the game that he had purchased some new “protection” as his old ones had worn out. However on “putting on” said “protection”, he promptly broke it.

Now I’m not sure if he was trying to imply something about size, but two things are apparent:
- Firstly, you can’t expect much from items from the $2 shop!
- Secondly – maybe that’s how he became the father of two young boys

Monday, June 1, 2009

Reunion and upcoming games

well,Queens birthday weekend is over for another year, the weather was crap (it snowed here in Whitemans Valley sunday, and the ice was still on the ground out the back on monday morning!) and i missed out on a knighthood!

But, the NCOB reunion went down a real treat. Good to catch up with a few people i knew from the past. Maybe we have picked up a couple of new old players too. Good also to see other older members of the club socialising together.

Neil McCarthy summed it uip in his speech when he stated the insignia showed a combination of hockey and socialising. Now that's what the "Farts" are about.

Anyway, posted are games for next 6 weeks, this is round robin 1, let the games begin.