Sunday, June 27, 2010

Farts wrestle back a win! 3-2 over Rongatai Sports

This morning the Farts returned to a sodden Elsdon Park, for the first game of the day around 9.00am.  Probably lucky it was wet, otherwise we would have been breaking the ice if frosty!

It was a fired up and confident Rongotai team that took the field, thinking the Old Farts would be a easy scalp for them, surely the Farts players would still be struggling with stiff joints and hang overs at this time on a  Sunday morning.

But the first pressure was exerted by the Farts, and earned them a PC inside the first 3 Min's.  Veitchy slotted this into the back of the net, and the Farts were quietly confident this game would be another win. The PC came from RS trying to take a quick 16 yard hit from within the circle but deliberately fouling in the process (not even attempting to stop a quickly moving ball to take the hit) .  The PC was the right decision however RS obviously thought they were hard done by.

After this the game quickly became quite a niggly affair, and suffered from the usual lack of umpiring ability we have come to expect when other teams supply their own umpire (maybe we are spoilt with having Glen to umpire one end?)

Rongotai managed to score and draw level, then to the supporters horror they scored again to take the lead.  The first time in this normal season the Farts have been behind on the scoreboard . late in the half this was compounded with the umpire suggesting that cam might need a breather on the side line (apparently he had played a game last night and did look a little jaded compared to his normal self).

This rest was close to half time so the Farts started the second with only 10 players. The game became a real arm wrestle, with the Farts having lots of pressure but strangely unable to covert it or even get a PC out of the umpire down that end. The RS captain did get a team warning for the way they were trying to assist in umpiring.

After his rest, it took cam a while to settle back into the game but when he did the game started to turn around.  cam was all over the attacking half and his presence was being felt.  Trapper on the RW was applying pressure too, even though he was playing Underwater Hockey again this week out on the flank. Veitchy was dogged and determined, and slotted to bring the Farts level.

You could feel the tension level raise, and the RS heads started to droop.

Then with only 5 Min's to go Veitchy slotted his third to give the Fart,s the lead.  It was a goal that would have been in the highlights package for the World Cup with Legs bring the ball into the circle (with his knee) and Veitchy controlling it and then kicking it in!  The Umpire gave the goal, which is probably justice after his other efforts and the Farts had continued there unbeaten run.

Goal Scorer - Veitchy with 3.

3 - Veitchy - have to give it to him for his hatrick
2 - Cam - part from a breather on the side;line Cam put in a huge effort in both halves.
1 - Nuts - dependable at the back
1 - Legs oranges
1 - Rearend - umpiring

Special mention - Richie Rich in a comeback game, didn't last the whole game but his steadying influence at half time, and then pacing the sideline in the second half encouraging and exhorting the team.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Old Farts win Underwater hockey gold medal.

Many years ago Bob Rosemergy was a well known figure in wellington hockey. Not only did he coach the taita College team (and spot a talented but unknown skinny long haired geek playing left wing and turn him into a fast and powerful right winger - can you guess who?) but he also coached Nae Nae and Hutt Valley teams.

In addition to that he promoted and coached the NZ Underwater Hockey team.

Maybe some of those skills rubbed off on the Farts players, cause it was more like underwater hockey today at Elsdon park. The  Farts turned out against a Northern United team whose total age probably was less than the total age of our forward line.

When we took the field for our warm up, the wingers lanes had a layer of surface water on them, by the time of the hit off the only part of the field that "looked" dry was the centre lane.

We had most of the pressure, probably 83% of territory and possession.  In the first half PC's were a nightmare to actually get top the edge of the circle, the receiving player had to advance and pull them back the circle was that sodden. The first half saw lots of balls stopping in the water, and no matter how hard passes were hit they only averaged 10 metres.

The first goal came from a PC, which Veitchy skillfully flicked into the top left corner.  Legs added a second and then Trapper missed a open goal sitter, cam had done all the hard work, driving to the line on the left hand side and flicked a pass (give him the benefit of the doubt) waist high that barely missed the RH upright and trapper couldn't connect with.  However  not long after he was perfectly placed on the spot to flick home a ball that Veitchy had run to the line and then pulled back.

Legs added his second, Northern pulled back a couple  and the boys went to the sheds 4-2 up.

The turf had started to dry out a bit by the time of the second half, and the Farts continued the pressure.  Trapper found the back of the net with a deft reverse hit, but the umpire blew the whistle just as he hit and gave the Farts a PC instead.

Needle had a strong supporting game, and mid way through the second half had a shot smack into the LH upright.  there were a number of other shots on goal, Veitchy dribbled one in, then hit a booming shot at goal that ricocheted off Cams stick and went in.

The only other action late in the second half was when the Umpire decided that maybe due to his age and the risk of Pneumonia that Trapper should go and wrap up early. He wasn't certain what the card was for, its past his birthday and not Christmas yet.

So the Farts wrapped up a wet and soggy game 6-2 , to retain the laed at the top of the table.  While not played in the best conditions, the second half especially was a fast paced game, with lots of pressure and tackling across the field.

2 - Legs
2 - Veitchy
1 - Cam
1 - Trapper

3 - Wicky - good solid game,with lots of support play, tackling and pressure
2 - Needle - again, great energy and a solid game, unlucky not to get on the score sheet
1 - Scotty - without sounding like a broken record, Scotty again was a key player, with lots of energy and vision.
1 - Rearend - umpired again
1 - Robbie - Oranges
-1 - Trapper - Yellow card

Monday, June 14, 2010

Young Guns V Old Farts – the match up of the century

It’s not often in one’s life that the sporting gods provide a weekends line up like they did this past weekend.  A line up as perfect as the planets will line up at the  Mayan’s “end of the world” prediction for 21st Dec 2012.
The action started with the 2010 FIFA world cup kicking off, then Saturday saw a feast of international rugby starting with the AB’s destroying Ireland (well yes, actually Ireland shot them elves in the foot early on rather than man up), the wallabies struggled past the poms while the yappies clinically dispatched the frogs.
Lewis speed to the front of the grid for the Montreal GP, with Schumacher not even making the final 10.
Then, the ultimate match up, one that millions of sports fans across the globe had waited for, the Young Guns (a name first coined by this correspondent) took on the Old Farts for their first match on level ground, just reward for the Guns after they had clawed their way into R2. Luckily it wasn’t earth day, as even the most politically correct would have turned up the heater and the TV to watch the drama that was about to unfold.
In their last match up, the Farts had carved up the Guns defence from the get go, but the Guns were confident this would be reversed this time around. While their coach Ash congregated them in the shed pre-match to go over strategy and motivational patter, the farts calmly met in small groups and discussed such important points such as lathe previous  nights tv and re-enacting the Irish forwards leg actions.
The pre kick off tension was so thick you could feel it , aided by the driving rain and near zero temperatures. It was a predictable line up for both sides that took the field, and with the umpires whistle to start the match they threw themselves at each other, the Young Guns with all the fury and pent up emotion of just reached pubescence youngsters, the Farts with a cold calculated determination that comes with age and experience.
Before long it was obvious that this “Clash of the Titans”  had more marketing hype than substance, with the Farts racing away to a 4 nil lead mid way through the first half.
Needle opened the scoring with a goal that shone of good back up,  cam powered a reverse stick shot past the keeper, Legs glanced one past him and Vietchy slotted a Stroke, all in seeming no time at all.
The guns scored, and rejoicing just like a teenager after his first date (even if it was with himself) and also managed a second.  Both teams went to the sheds with the score at 6-2 (Vietchy and Cam had slotted another each).
To be honest the second was less exciting than the first, the Farts extended their lead to 8-2 and then relaxed like teams in complete domination often do allowing the guns to pull a couple back.
They finished the game though with a couple of cracking goals, both must have moved the goal backwards, first Richie Rich thundering one home, then Scotty sending one towards the goal like a cruise missile , it took a deflection close to the line to thump into the back of the net.
And so the game ended 10 – 4, a resounding win to the Farts, bragging rights for a lifetime and the young guns reduced to young upstarts. The Farts certainly topped the possession and territory stats, outnumbered them in PC’s and the tackle count (mainly thanks to Cam and Legs) had a presence on the field that was had to over look.
The win and extra bonus point sees the Farts staying top of the table.
3 – Cam
3- Vietchy
1 – Scotty
1 -  Legs
1 – Needle
1 – Richie rich

3 – Richie rich – again a solid game, he was everywhere, controlling and sheparding the midfield, launching attacks from the deep, and getting on the sheet (even missed a couple)
2 – Timbo – solid defence, thwarted a number of Guns attacks, and took out to defenders in stunning fashion earning scores of 9.9, 9.9 and 9.75 from the judges for the second take late in the second half for style and flair.
2 – Cam – let’s face it, three goals and lots of running deserves something! Gets an extra point for bringing the oranges although many had the beginning signs of dehydration waiting for him to bring them after the game, apparently he had them in his car so they wouldn’t get cold!
1 – Glen – yes umpired again, he’ll do anything to ensure he gets on the MVP point table.

Special mention to ash, a lifetime member of the Farts, this year he’s coaching the Guns and looks like he’s doing well at it too.