Monday, March 28, 2011

Farts open with a rusty performance

It was a low weekend for the capital with all the major teams going to bed Sunday night with a loss against their record. The Pulse did well yesterday, and probably could/should have won, but in the end the 5 goal deficit didn't quite show the closeness of the game.
The Horricanes were just horrible, with an initial fast scoring break to go up 20 points early in the first half, but mainly because the rebels were woe-full. When the rebels got their act together the rolled over the Canes.
And yesterday morning the Farts looked rusty and have to admit older and slower than their opposition. Mind you, the opposition had an average age of half the Farts?
It also didn't help that just before the start of the game they looked to be 3 players down. Phil (of Young Guns goalie fame) was scheduled to umpire but the UH umpire let him play for us, and they also loaned us on of their players (Lorne). starting with 10 players , they were just overwhelmed with UH's pace and fitness, although the Farts defence certainly stopped a complete thrashing early one. It wasn't all one way traffic with the Farts getting a couple of early PC's,m and trapper missing a shot at goal while unmarked from the penalty spot from a Willie centre.
3-0 down, and another hit off for the Frats, and this time Lorne played the ball forward between the opposition frwards, with lightning acceleration, Trapper was off, beating the forwards to the ball, weaving past the Half, then the Right fullback and driving along the goal line and managed to force a PC. This one came out cleanly to Adrian who slammed the ball into the backboard to open the Farts scoring acct for the year.
Shortly afterwards Dave (another Young Gun) turned up to get the Farts to 11 players, and a bit later Ash as well so they now had a reserve. The Farts certainly looked better with a full team and gained some semblance of structure.
The first half finished with UH getting more goals and Glenn Shining in goal to keep the scoreline under 10.
A stern talk from Ash at half time focussed on basics, with Lots of passing, and not trying to take on the younger fitter UH players.
First 10 mins of the second this worked but then the Frats seemed to again lose their way, with players getting sacked with the ball and soft passes getting intercepted.
Vary late in the second half the rain started, which some players saw as a great relief (early season!) until the lightning and thunder.  The umpires called the game off with 3 mins to go, and we retired to the veranda (out of the rain) for oranges and a chat.

Goal scorer - Adrian 

3- Rearend - deserving winner of the "Silverspoon MVP of the day", although letting in 13 (yes 13!) he actually put in a huge effort and easily saved that many again.
2- Nuts - big effort in defence, even appeared to get a sweat up.  Although signs that hes going soft as he didn't want to drive the mustang to the game in case it got wet!
1 - Craig - strong effort at Centre Half, lots of running on and off the ball, a good opening game
1 - Adrian - Umpired the 4th team game at NHS
.5 - Scotty  - turned up to watch half the game and ended up umpiring half the game

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Three more sleeps till hockey..............

Only three more sleeps till Hockey, three more sleeps till the big fat men in their bright red shirts take the fiels and wave their sticks, three more sleeps till hockey............

Yes sports fans, after the dissapointing events of the cricket world cup, an ordinary (some might say "the usual" ) start to the Super XV season by the hotrricanes, the sporting woprld looks forward to this sunday monday when another season of outstanding sporting action, memorable feats and gentlemanly conduct on the field (Yeah Right) will dawn.

Yes, its that most glorious of events, the first game of the Old farts for 2011.

We men of substance will take the field of valor to do battle against our northern neighbors, Upper Hutt. The powers that be have noticed that the gradual build up of Hockey power in wellington has been "The Farts", and have moved us up a grade to R1 for the promotion/relegation series.

With some defections, transfers and some players deciding to hang up their boots through injury or family commitments (not naming anyone, if its that bad Moses and Needles, you could play for the girls teams - Blouses!) it will be a similar but modified Farts team that take the field.

Hit off is 11.15, so lets be there with plenty of time so that we can warm up, ie have a chat, abuse each other, write down the team names and work out weher we are all going to play!

Were looking for a big effort form the team, especially as there are a couple of positions that will be hotly contested amongst a group of players (right and left back), so the coaching team will be watching the game, reviewing the tapes and taking bribes as to who will be promoted those two key positions.

Now for some important notices (in order of importance)
  • Oranges - Trapper will bring the Oranges this week and we will christian the Farts official Oranges bag
  • Sideline manager, phsyio, supporters team manager and return trip bus driver (after ive had a couple of oranges) - Ainsley.  Ains will run the interchange bench, under Ash's strict instructions this year, which should make tactical  interchanges smoother.
  • Sorry Nuts, sideline physio will consist of cold "magic " spray, probably administered froma  distance
  • Player of the day - i'm finalising a deal where player of the day gets a 2 for 1 breakfast voucher at a top Silverstream cafe (no not macs!) they will probably also provide a prize for the team MVP at the end of the year.
  • Umpiring - the club is trying to organise it so that each provides each week a umpire for the team below them, which means the young Guns will umpire us etc.  this will kthe pressure of us having to field a team and umpire, but will mean that every week one of us will need to umpire a game.  all the names go on the schedule, but we can also work this out amongst us.  with 20 odd games each of us might do max 2 games in the season.
  • see you all there Sunday morning.  PS if you haven't registered please do this ASAP
As usual all the news,views, reviews will be on the blog

Monday, March 14, 2011

13 sleeps till Hockey

To the tune of ZMFM's "Sleeps till Santa" 

"13 sleeps till hockey, 13 Sleeps till Hockey, 13 sleeps till the big fat men in their big red shirts take the field and play with their balls, 13 sleeps till Hockey"

Yes sports fans, only 13 sleeps till the ,mighty Farts take the field for another action packed season.
The first three games are
Sun 27th 11:15 Fraser V Upper Hutt 1 - (I'll bring the oranges for the first game)
April 3rd 9.45 AM NHS1 V YWCA 1
April 10th Fraser V Petone 1

Not exactly certain why, but potentially because the assn had heard that Ash was back in the red and black again, possibly because they know Glenn is putting on the pads for a full season, or maybe their spys had told them that trapper had brought a new stick, but what ever the details, the assn was obviously impressed with our skill, fitness and style last year.
They have promoted both the Young Guns and the Old Farts into R1 for the initial promotion/relegation play offs. We'll have three good first up games, to see where we play this year.

As a lead up to the game we are planning a tactical discussion session, at "Charletons" bar in Silverstream this friday night after work. Glenn, Craig and I are in, any other takers? If yes ill book a table in the sun where we can sink a few and muse on what this year will bring.

The Frats have extended their management team this year, with Ash accepting the role of senior coach (lets face it, with 11 or 12 coach's on the field we still need a senior one to be boss), and ainsley taking on sideline manager. 

I've nearly manged to secure sponsorship for "player of the day" and also an overall treat for "end of year MVP"