Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Only 82 sleeps till hockey

To the tune of ZMFM's sleeps till Christmas.....
"82 sleeps, only 82 sleeps till hockey,
82 sleeps till the big fat men in their tight red shirts take the field with their battered old sticks to play hockey"

Yes, incredible as it sounds, especially when we are still lying on the beach basking in the warm sunlight (Yeah right, quick look out the window and only thing that is streaming down is the rain!) but hockey is only 82 sleeps away.

Now i know that you have all been on special diets over the Christmas break, building up your store of Carbs and making sure you are properly hydrated for the grueling season that is appearing on the horizon. Now is a good time to start the exercise program that will propel you to peak fitness.

Here’s some simple exercises, that as long as you don't over do it, will build stamina and muscle, add agility and flexibility, and get you in shape for the 13 season.

1) put aside the TV remote and manually change channels

2) In your regular hydration times, go get your won beer out of the fridge - be careful, don't overdo this, as you may strain something, or worse still your significant other will expect it all the time

3) When actually hydrating, change hands and drink with your eyes closed - this will build ambidexterity and spacial awareness

4) When dressing in the morning, bend down to tie your shoes, this helps with getting your body weight low to the ground (Nuts, maybe get debs to guide you first time, as we are sure you haven’t seen your feet for a while)

5) Lastly, to build long distance stamina, park the car outside the shop next to the one you're going into.

6) One last preseason exercise, try on your team shirt, I think the material they have used is a bit dodgy, there have been some complaints of it shrinking with age.

These simple exercises will help you prepare for the new season, we look forward to seeing you on the turf ready to blaze a new chapter in Farts hockey after Easter weekend.