Monday, March 31, 2014

Another season of Top level hockey is about to unveil itself

And the question on everyones lips is will the Farts continue their glorious tradition this year (long balls, hard hits, beers after the game, providing volunteers for medical science to practise their skills on).

After all the pre season transfers and wrangling over appearrence fees, it apopears that the Farts are nearly ready to take the field of glory again for another year.

We've managed to coax another old Fart out of semi retirement - (Stan - the marvels of modern medical science) and an even older Fart (Ssh) has threatened to play this year (well cameos of course). 

Line up looks like
Watkin Foote
Todd Lymburn
Alan Hyndman          
Jason Heckman       
Phil (the Axeman) Monrad 
Willy (the Mad Moari) McBride 
David Ryan
Craig (Boom Boom Becker) Porter
Stan Pope (back from the Hockey grave)
Phil Smith 
Andrew Paiti (relly of Foote's - ex eastern)
Dave Lewin - not regisyered yet, doctors still have him in rehab from last season but will roll him out saturday

Ill keep you posted re first game which is scheduled for next sunday

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