Thursday, May 28, 2009

Match report Sunday 24th V Karori 3

The following match report is from our on the spot report Nuts

"The weather was really crap.....We only had 7 turn up to the game. I think the score was about 9-7 to them. Some of their guys played for us........ Veitchy was on fire, Glen played in the backs - Now I know why he is a goalie, Todd played as a forward - he was impressive when he tried to run down a ball going over the base line - I didn't think he was going to stop.......

The game was really a write off - We had fun having a run around - Maybe we should just call it our first practice for the season."

Monday, May 18, 2009

2 x Match Reports V Indians and also Hutt

V Indians Lost 7-3
Well, what can we say, we started with 10, mostly played crap (very disjointed) and got beaten! We not only struggled to cover the field with less players, but run out of steam as well.

Tim filled in for Glen, although the score didn't reflect it he played very well.

No MVP's this week

V Hutt Won by default (won friendly 9-2)
The Farts turned up with a full team, however Hutt were only able to rustle up 7 players. While we warmed up and waited, they still couldn't Field a team so they defaulted, however they agreed to play a "friendly" as we were all there anyway.

We did ask if any of our team were willing to play for them to even the numbers up, surprisingly neither Nuts nor Adrian were forth coming! Veitchy did however play for them for part of the first half.

Through out the game a few more Hutt players trickled in to add to there team, I think they finished with 10?

The first half was quite even, with pressure at both ends and at one stage being 2 - 2.
Should have been more, but Wayne seemed to struggle trapping the ball (couldn't control a pass in the circle from Dave L when they only had the goalie to beat!), and a number of shots blocked or missed the goal.

Veitchy almost scored for Hutt as well!

Goal Scorers were
Dave L 3
Veitchy 3
Dave N 2
Wayne 1

The second half saw the Farts settle into more of a rhythm, with another 7 goals scored. Dave L played back to his normal level of great touches and passes, Veitchy was all over the place and scored a fantastic back handed swat into the goal after a goalmouth scramble with at least 3 shots at goal blocked by the goalie.
Dave N deserved his two goals, he put in a lot of running on the left, with a lot of backing up as well.

Waynes goal was soft. Their goalie took a quick "16", which Wayne swooped on and flicked past him into the net.

3 pts Veitchy - lots of running and support work, lots of passing (for once!), 3 goals and one of them an awesome goal
2 pts - Dave N - good support up the left flank and a couple of goals as well
1 pt - Nuts - solid defence as always and tireless distribution.

Also must be mentioned good games from Adrian, Ash and Aldo.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Match Report V Rongatai - won 3-2

Well the Farts came out again, this time our first night game and it was cooler and darker (But we're all big boys, we're not afraid of the dark........).

The team structure was starting to settle a bit, although we lost Big Muzza in the back line (probably out for the season, he’s pulled a “father guilty that he’s not spending time with his son and family” muscle (seriously though, new baby, really busy work/home – understandable), Veitchy was off swanning around somewhere, Scotty still damaged ribs. But we did have nuts back, and ash even made a cameo appearance in the backs, showing off some fancy stick skills (probably easier for him that trying to run)
Some of the Rongotai team had a familiar look, mostly a young look! But right from the initial whistle we had all the pressure, a couple of blinding runs up the right flank by Wayne, lots of attack up the left, and yet they still scored first!
The game sort of ebbed and flowed, and to be honest our halves and backs sustained a lot of pressure through the middle of the game.
There seemed to be better communication through the backs and centre’s, and several players put in huge games.
Leong showed great commitment, often throwing himself around to tackle and cut off the ball. Although his performance was marred by a late dive that to be honest was pretty pathetic. Certainly wouldn’t make the Olympic diving team.
Matt run rings around the opposition again and once again “donated” a goal to glen.
Robbie and Willie both had good running games, and interchanged in positions, with Willie scoring a great goal that he had started with a one two with matt.
Dave L chipped in with a goal as well, to make our final tally 3. We had them at 3-1 for most of the second half, even threatening to score 4 or 5, Wayne carved up their defence only to be taken out just as he was about to score his first of the season.
In the dying minutes they rallied and came back at us, scoring their second, and trying desperately to slot a third as well, but thankfully full time beat them to it.

Goal scorers
Dave L – 1
Glen (Matt) – 1
Willie – 1

Leong – 3 (2 for his playing efforts, 1 for the feeble dive and triple roll off the pitch)
Robbie – 2 lots of effort and running
Matt – 1 deserves aty least that for scoring, and now “almost” a team member