Thursday, October 29, 2009

Match report Wed 28th V Harbour City Chargers lost 6-4

A bright and sunny weekend turned to a cold and rainy short week as the Farts prepared to take the field last night- star players Ash and Dave L were both unable to attend, Mikey rescheduled his entire family's night (what a guy) and Nuts played despite being sickly .
Fortunately the rain stayed away, and the track was hard and fast (as always!).
A late call up found the Farts only knowing about the fancy dress "p" theme the day before, needless to say we turned out in the familiar and badly misshapen green and white checks with a choice of themes:- poofs, pansies, plonkers etc. The shirts really do look like they have been lived in by a team of very wide but very short dwarfs, as the only difference in the sizing is width, from wide to extra wide.
Anyway, we took the field with a compliment of 11, and the first half was a mixture of attack from both sides.
The Farts tried to play the game at pace but most of us weren't up to the same speed as Mike, Scott and Ants. Half time saw us in the shed at 5-3 down, certainly a half with lots of action, 8 goals, and better yet not yellow cards.
Some cracking goals scored, although Marx one was a bit soft. Trapper had a shot at goal that rocketed (well if you were a snail it was real fast) under the gaolie and Marx barely touched it as it sailed over the goal line to claim the goal! (yeah right - truth be know, Trappers shot was so weak it was about to stop and have a breather having already travelled three feet and Marx had to finish it off!)
Scotty and Mike both found the back of the net with thumping drives shots, strangely Trapper had an "assist' for both these goals as well (maybe he should get MVP's?), but in both these cases they were genuine passes (maybe that’s a skill he should teach Ants?)
Scotty’s goal was a particularly veritable pearler of strategic thought and effort. He was about to hit off (as Harbour had scored again) when the call from the ever vigilant and thinking RW was to do a "Lewin". Scotty took a self tap, dribbled past a couple of players, quick flick out to the RW, who then beat the rest of the team with pace and skill (yeah right) and passed back to Scotty in the circle to hammer home.
So the Farts have a new saying, doing a "Lewin"! Thanks Dave L, although you weren't there you still had an assist with a goal!
In the second half it was much more even; we ended the half with a draw, 1-1. Brent scored a cracker, had a lot more ball and made good use of it. The Farts looked better overall with more pressure, but couldn't convert.
So the Farts ended their 3rd game again winless, but able to hold their heads up high (those that had energy!)
Goal Scorers 1 each Scotty, Mike, Marx, Brent

3 - Mike (player of the day) - great efforts, encouraging, good team talk at half time, looked good in the shirt, nice hair style (he did score a gaol and play ok as well!)
2 - Peter S - final tally is 2 MVP points, but the equation is 3 points for Pharaoh costume (only player that wore fancy dress) - 2 points for taking off his shirt at the after match function and scaring children, small animals etc, plus 1 for efforts on the field - total 2 pts.
1- Scotty - gets a point for playing whole game (on the field!) (Again, yes, he did score a goal and played well but that’s a boring reason to give MVPs)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Training session

As we had a bye this week a training run was scheduled for last night to ensure that we maintained the peak physical fitness we had all attained.

Whilst only a small turn out attended, its was the "bulk" of the side, with Glen, Ash, Nuts and Wayne in attendance.

The was quite a lot of discussion around startegy's (Nuts plan for exercise this weekend while away in motel with girl friend and her son!)and utilising angles (Ash's story about the women in the car), while there was plenty of weights training for upper body strength .

A good time was had by all.

Games have been posted and our next two wednesdays at 6.00pm.  We will get a fifth if we finish in the top 4 (out of 5) so its really in our hands so to speak.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Match report - Wed 13th oct V Northern Bully Goats

Apparantly hockey was invented in the middle ages.
A bunch of Knights travelled to a tournament somewhere in England (Land of hope and glory, mother to us all......) and shortly after they got there all their horses mysteriously died.  They traced it back to an itinerent knight, who was struggling to win, and therefore spiked the horses drinking water with poison.
The knights were furious (as you would be), and had the dastardly sinner beheaded (after of course being hung drawn etc, while spoil an opportunity for some good "clean" fun).

Now apparantly, his head rolled off the chopping block and across the ground, and some of the disgruntled knights swung at it with his jousting stick, a melle then took place, with all the knights thrying deperately to hit the head, and each other, and thus the game of hockey was born.

Some say the Old Farts play a game that carries on the true traditions and spirit of the original inventors?

Certainly based on last nights game, the same spirit is there, and the desire to win.

The Farts took the field hopeful  in the first half and 2 goals by Scotty had them 2 -0 up in the shed at half time.  They won the second half 2-0  as well, unfortuntely though in yellow cards and  in the process allowing the Bully Goats to score three goals, and a couple of soft ones at that.

The final score of 3-2 didn't do justice though, as we had a lot more pressure in the first half, and a certain goal dissalowed in the second half.

However a 3-2 loss is the way the score book will read for the rest of history.

Glen got player of the day and deserved it.

Pete S snuck onto the field during the first half, but quickly made up for it with some great defence and desereved 2 MVP's.

Its good to have Mikey back in a Farts jersey, although after a time in P2 he wsn't quite up to the speed and fitness required for Old Farts hockey, but he did enough to get 1 MVP with some great attacking play and a nice "between the legs not looking behind me" pass to scotty at the line!

Special mention to Nuts, Scotty and Marx for big efforts as well.

Again, a "big up" to the cheerleaders, unfortunetly this week was too cold and wet for them to try the special uniforms Nuts had designed (they were too small to provide any warmth or shelter from the rain) , but maybe in a couple of weeks Mel and Ains!

Masters team training run(s) - wednesday night

Due to the number of teams entered in the comp being uneven every team has a bye week. Next week is ours.

However, as we are wanting to peak for the finals in 4 weeks, and not want to lose the fitness edge that we have all gained, it has been suggested that next week we have a training run(s).

I’m away over the weekend, so given his experience and obvious skill set in physical fitness and peak conditioning, Glen has volunteered (Yeah Right!!) to organise it.

The suggestion is an Indian dinner somewhere in the Hutt (thus the run(s) !) on wednesday night.

Who’s in? Reply to Glen giving him numbers, he’ll advise booking/time etc!
And Ash, no its not my birthday so i won’t be shouting!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Masters match report Wed 7th V Northern Knackered Bulls Lost 8-3

here it is sports fans, the tournament that you hve all been holding your breath and waiting for, bigger than Tua V Cameron.......................the start of the 2009 Wellington Masters season!

With the last few days leading up to the kick off being wet, wet, cold and wet (even the mroning of the event was horizontal rain) it was somewhat of a surprise to run out onto a hard and fast NHS1 last night.
Although some of the Farts turned up early (ie more than 5 mins before the game), Nuts was dissapointed that there was no opening ceremony, march around the field etc, as he was the teams desinated flag bearer.

Anywaty, pre-game jitters were evident, players having a hit etc while nervously looking over at the opposition who were doing warm up runs and drills. Now this wasn't completely foriegn to the Farts, as most could remember back to the days of old when teams did warm up drills.  Glen calmly watched while having his last smoke before hit off.

The game started with huge emotional expectation, and it became evident very quickly that the Farts were the dominent team, wayne opebning the scoring, The bulls pulled it back but then Scotty scored (on his third shot after the gaolie had saved the first two!). The Farts were encouraged, things were going well, the game was evenly matched.

However then the Bulls other 2 players tuerned up, and suddenly with a full team they were a bit more of a handfull!

We did continue to provide pressure, although more from break outs than structured attack. there were a number of shots on goal saved and few close misses

Ash gave a stirring half time speech, none of the 'we will fight them on the beaches" stuff, more like back to basics, pass the ball etc.

The second half was more of the same, Paul H was their best player, and carved up our defence when he got the ball, he showed off all the skills he learnt at Naenae!.  we had our moments with a number of shots at goal in both halves that were unconverted.

Wayne swapped to the left wing in the second half (it was that or RH and Ash didn't want him anywhere near the circle!) and showed his flexibility by slotting the Farts last goal from that side.

So although the score was a bit one sided, we had our moments.  it was a good first up work out especially considering the Farts team that took the field is a combination of players from 2 clubs and a number of teams.

it was also good to see our two seasoned supporters there joined by another bringing the cheerleading squad to thre.  maybe we should get Robbie "Gok" McNie to design a costume for them.

Special mention to the WHA for the "after game", good to sit around a table and chat/have a few cold ones.

  • Marx got player of the day, and deserved it, hes fit and strong and looks set at CH.
  • Glen although let in 8, probably saved that number again, and showed lightning reflexs.
  • Scotty was all over the place in attack, with good running and passing, and also directing traffice well.
  • Ants (Chicken legs) played his normal running around "like a headless chicken" game, althouh his sojurn into the P2's seems to have dampened his speed and fitness, and trapping skills! having said that good pressure on attack
  • Wayne - 2 good goals, some good support but room for improvement although trapping ewas better than normal
  • Peter S - good solid committed game
  • Ash - solid in defence, he made his prescence felt and povided good wisdom and a wise head on the field
3 - Marx - well deserved player of the day
2 - Glen saved more than let in (thank god for that!)
1 - Scotty - tireless worker

2 - Wayne - just in the right place at the right time
1 - Scotty (and could easily have been more)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Anyone for a dance............................(masters season about to start)

Hi Guys, the time is near!

Got an email from the WHA today, the special masters season is all go, starts next Wednesday and we have games next Wednesday and the one after at 6.00 pm NSH1. there are only 5 men's teams, so each team will have a bye at some stage.
read the WHA stuff in the next blog, especially the social stuff, well done to the assn.

Our draw for first three weeks:
Wed 7th oct 6.00Pm V Northern Knackered bulls
Wed 13th oct 6.00 Pm V Northern Bully Goats
Wed 21st oct - Bye

I've entered the "Old Farts" as a team, the team will be a mixture of Naenae and Petone, and we will play in the white and green harlequin tops (and pref black shorts). Naenae guys, ill know you'll make the Petone guys feel welcome!

Below is detail from the WHA re games etc, however, i need to know who's playing and who isn't, and those new comers what position you prefer (No Nuts, don't bother putting down forwards!)

  • 35+
  • Games each Wednesday night in town
  •  $50 per player for the subs etc for whole season - this can be DD straight into my acct, and ill pay the WHA. If there is any left over (depends on numbers playing) we'll either do a slight refund or more likely use it for the refreshments on the nights (now that's very PC isn't it!)
  • I'll refresh and update the blog for the masters season

WHA Masters details

Guys, some details below of the special masters season about to hit the world next wednesday night, 6.00 pm
Men's Comp
We have 5 men's teams therefore unfortunately all teams will have a bye during the competition. The teams will play a round robin with the teams placed 1st and 2nd on points at the end of the round competing for the title on the last day of competition (and the 3rd and 4th placed teams competing for 3rd; unfortunately there will not be a game for the 5th placed team).

Social Stuff
We have arranged for wine and beer glasses to be engraved for the competition (1 per team for each week of competition). Each team will therefore be required to award one of these glasses to a member of the opposition team as a 'player of the day' award. Your team spokesperson will need to be there to present the prize upstairs in the bar following the game (about 20 minutes after the game ends).

Of course, you own players will also want to be there to collect their award. J The NHS Trust has very kindly agreed to fill the player of the day glasses with wine/beer free of charge! A very kind offer from them. Music will be on offer upstairs and a great atmosphere is bound to prevail so we hope to see as many of you up there as possible each week.

Umpires will be appointed each week - however from time to time you may be required to supply an umpire for your game. We will get the appointment information out to you as soon as we can for the first round, however we will endeavour to advise you of the umpires the week prior to your game for future rounds

2009 Goal scorers

Total seasons goals inc final "game of the century"
21 - Veitchy
21 - Dave L
12 - Wayne
11 - Dave N
7 - Scotty
5 - Glen - (Matt 4 , Shaun 1)
4 - Robbie
3 - Cameron
3 - Willie
2 - Warwick
1 - Adrian
1 - Ants (the deserter!)

2009 MVP's

below is the final end of year MVP table.

Not annual prizes awarded were
MVP - Paul Veitch
Most Improved - Todd Lymburn

21 - Veitchy
10 - Glen
9 - Robbie
9 - Dave N
9 - Cameron
8 - Scotty
9 - Leon
8 - Nuts
6 - Wayne
5 - Todd
5 - Muzza
3 - Dave L
3 - Aldo
2 - Warwick
2 - Adrian
1 - Willie
1 - Thomas
1 - Matt
1 - Ash

2009 Results

Below are the complete R2 grade season results for the Old Farts
Sun 6th Sep V Karori 3 Drew 4-4
Sat 29th Aug 2:40 pm V Indians 8 Lost 5-2
Sat 22nd Aug V Karori 2 Won 7-2
Sun 16th Aug V Rongatai Sports Won 4-2
Sun 9th Aug V Victoria Won 8 - 5
Sat 1st Aug V Victoria 6 Lost 4 - 3
Sun 26th Jul V YWCA Lost 5 - 2
Sun 19th Jul V Karori 3 Won 4-3
Sun 12th Jul V Indians Lost 4 - 2
Sun 5th Jul V Karori 2 - won 5 - 3
Sun 28th Jun V Rongotai Sports - Drew 2 - 2
Sun 21st Jun V Victoria 4 - Drew 7-7
Sun 14th Jun V Victoria 6 - Lost 4-3
Sun 7th Jun V YWCA 2 - Lost 5-2
Sunday 24th V Karori 3 Loss by Default (9-7)
Sun 17th May V Hutt Won - Default (9-3)
Sun 10th May V Indians Lost 7-3
Sat 2nd May V Rongatai Won 3-2
26th April V Indians Won 4 - 3
19th Apr V Karori - Lost 5-3
5th Apr, V Victoria - Lost 4-2
28th March V Kapiti - Lost 7-3