Monday, July 25, 2011

Farts weather the storm

While it was a balmy 5 degrees yesterday out of the wind, when a depleted 10 man farts team took the field the wind chill was down to only 1 degree.Not sure who won the toss but we played with the biting wind and rain at our backs in the first half, not bad for the backs, but the forwards had to stand facing it, and the wind driven rain was so hard at one stage the forwards had to shield their faces so they could see.

It wasn't just the weather that was stormy, a full strength Victoria (with reserves and a much lower average age) came out firing in the first half. While they didn’t pressure the goal much, the backs and halves had a lot of work to do.

However it was pressure form long balls (the std Farts strategy) that drew first blood at the other end. The pressure started to show with some few incisive runs, a couple which should have lest been rewarded with PC’s, and a reverse stick zinger at goal from trapper that narrowly missed (and even Cam would have been proud of that). Action around the top of the circle saw Scotty have a shot that took a deflection past the goalie into the boards. 1-0 up!Shortly after Vic drew level, then had a goal from a PC disallowed due to being too high.

The sheds were welcome shelter from the wind and rain at half time, with not a lot of discussion (apart from the umpiring at one end matching the atrocious weather) – but still 1-1 was a good position given Vic pressure.

The second half saw a slight respite in the weather (the rain was falling vertically not horizontally) and the game initially see–sawed, but towards the last quarter the Farts game plan of pacing themselves started to pay off as Vic fell away from the play. While the centre of the field was still ab bit of an armwrestle, the Farts managed to slowly get the upper hand, with lots of pressure, 5 PC’s and numerous free hits in the red zone. In fact Vic were lucky not to have some yellow cards due to their tackling and not retiring at free hits.

The pressure first started to tell when Willy latched onto a rebound off the keepers pads and nearly pasted it through the back net. From there it was constant Farts pressure, with Trapper finding space around the spot a number of times but not being able to stop or deflect the fiercely hit passes from Scotty (he blamed cold hands!).Willy then hammered home another one, and Vic’s heads started to drop, then Scotty nailed the coffin lid shut with an awesome strike that squeezed past the RGH upright 4-1!

And thus it finished.A great result, given the weather and only 10 players!

2 - Willy
2- Scotty

4- Willy – great running from the mad moari, and 2 awesome goals, also brought the oranges
2 – Adrian – great game at CH
1 – Nuts – strong defense
1 – Rear-end – umpired the early game

Monday, July 18, 2011

BBQ Recipe - Grilled Wallaby!

I found out about a new recipe for the BBQ, apparently the latest craze in Samoa.

Grilled Wallaby, marinated in their own ego, quick grilled over a flaming hot home crowd, and served with lashing from the media.

Could well be on the menu at the world cup!

Farts manage to grab a draw from the jaws of victory again.

Yes campers, this journalist is back after a tour of duty fighting against the maddening hordes of the paper war (tenders and RFP’s).

And just in time too to see a glimmer of the old Farts magic starting to come back.

It appears like the Farts are on their way back to peaking, after a slow start to this season, mainly due to injury woes and apparently a number of players showing their age but forgetting to turn up for the games.

Yesterday the Farts took on a Bi-gender team (The goalie had a distinctly female voice but hard to tell any “distinguishing features” under the protective pads).

Maybe the injection of a new match ball in the first half was the difference?

The Farts appear to be hitting their straps with their expansive style, with Legs making a quest appearance up front, the Farts had a mobile three pronged attack force (Legs, Shaun and Trapper) to move the HCT defence around. The first half was almost all Farts pressure, with a number of long balls making the HCT scramble in defence and forcing their goalie to work. The pressure resulted in a number of PC’s in the first half, but couldn’t convert any.

A number of shots went wide, and Trapper edged a long ball from Scotty past the defender and gaolie but couldn’t turn back into the goal, only managing to rattle the side netting.

The first goal was pure reflex from Trapper, following a series of passes that carved up the HCT defence, Shaun had a shot that cannoned off the goalies pads and Trapper was there to smack it into the net 1-0.

A little later in the half and series of passes saw Scotty around the spot and Shaun on Post duty on the LH upright, Scotty slid the ball to Shaun who guided it home, 2-0.

It was a reasonably quiet time in Farts defence for the half, Rearend did touch the ball a couple of times, although once was just a back pass to nuts to clear.

Half time was a chance for the Farts to gather their breath and tend to the wounded, Craig had picked up a shoulder injury in a tumble, and there was concern that he wouldn’t go back to the front line, however with a stern upper lip he announced that he was willing to again front up for Club and Country.

The second half saw a re-invigorated HCT come out, almost like a different set of 11 on the field?

The Farts continues their Blitzkrig attacks, although they were punctuated by some sterling work on defence, Rearend putting his body on the line saving a number of shots.

The Farts continued to apply the pressure, resulting in a number of long corners and also a few more PC’s , although the HCT defence managed to hold out, then finally the Umpire at that end actually saw the ball hit a foot, and unfortunately for the HCT team, the foot was just in front of the goal line. Scotty managed to overcome the feeling of amazement and relief that the umpire at this late stage in the game has suddenly realised the ruling re ball/foot, and sent the goalie the wrong way with the stroke.

Unfortunately, that just fired up HCT even more, and they managed to slot three goals on their own in the last 15 mins to draw the game 3-3.

One was a stroke, and while Rearend dove the right way, it flicked the outside of his raised arm to go in.

So the game ended 3-3, a disappointing end in some ways, although a good open game, with periods of old style Farts brilliance showing through.


Trapper – 1

Shaun – 1

Scotty -1


3 – Adrian – there was no single stand out player this week, but Adrian gets 3 points for good consistent play, some good passing which lead to at least one goal, and also umpiring the R3 game

2 – Craig – fought on valiantly after being wounded mid way through the first half

1 - Nuts – lots of work in the back , also picked up a third box of peanut slabs!.