Tuesday, November 17, 2009

2009 Special Masters season wrap up

Well the season is over (short as it was) but we all enjoyed the banter and camaraderie, and at leats felt the hockey was on a reasonably level playing field, although we always seemed to play uphgill into the wind, rain and sun!
While we didn’t record a win and were hampered by ever changing teams, however we played some good hockey, enjoyed ourselves and proved our old bodies can still get around the turf.
Thanks to all that came, played, commented and had fun.
The summary of results is below, Well done to Glen overall MVP and Scotty for topping the goal scoring!

8 Glen
7 Pete S
5 Marx
4 Mike
2 Ants
2 Scotty
1 Adrian

6 Scotty
2 Wayne (Trapper)
1 Ants
1 Marx
1 Brent
1 Mike S

Wed 11th - 3rd, 4th, 5th play off in round robin
Wed 4th V Victoria Gents Lost 6-2
Wed 28th V Harbour City Chargers Lost 6-4
Wed 7th V Northern Knackered Bulls - Lost 8 – 3
Wed 13th oct V Northern Bully Goats Lost 3-2

Thursday, November 12, 2009

match report - last week round robin 3rd, 4th and 5th.

As our high profile and very able blogster (and awesome right winger) was absent sunning himself in Sydney, it was up to others in the team to put forward intelliegent and unbiased (yeah right) journalism so that this blog could be written.

I received the following reports and nominations for MVP.

Ants could well come off the bench as back up blogster next year, as he provided some good promise is accurately recording events as they happened-
Before the game started Ash had a big feed off the bbq helping him to cover more of the field without moving lol
Rob and Scott maned the bbq in the first 20 while we waited to play, I think it was because the womens teams had just finished and were looking for a feed how disappointed they would have been lol

We played vic in the first game drew nil all both teams had there chances but with them having a goalie it didnt make it any easier but as a team we put it together very will our fill in goalie was everywhere in the circle look out who was ever got his way .

The second game we played northern lost 2 - 1 it was tight, alot of great passing with Marx scoring our goal with two min to go, i think the team played very will and enjoyed it would like to keep this up for nexy year

I have recieved nominations for MVP points for the following:
Pete - Nominated By Melanie, reasoning (qand completely unbiased)- My Darling Peter of course… he did an awesome wind up - ran ¾ field then fed the ball into the circle for another ‘Old Fart’ to score - putting them on the table.
Ants - by himself, well nobody else would!

So (Drum Roll here)............Can i have the envelope please.............
the winner is
3 - Pete - lets be honest, anyone that brings along a supporter as pretty as Mel every week has to get some mention
2 - Ants - for stepping up to the plate when trapper was away (plus i hoping he'll look after me with some free paint)
1 - Marx - scored a goal, got to be worth something.

So, the 2009 Old Farts Masters MVP is Glen on 8 points, Pete a close second on 7. Since Glen is away overseas ill drink the bottle of wine he gets as a prize.

Scotty picks up goal scorer of the season with 5.

Well done all, thanks to the imports from Petone for their support and adding to the team spirit.

Don't forget Wgtn Team masters trials are coming up.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sidleine match report

Guys, fresh for this week is a new feature to trial. We ahve a roving sideline reporter and her first report. this is honest to goodness exactky as she has written.........(as you can tell, its all in her hand writing)


Peter forwards me the weekly update  - thank you. Have to say, the blog has been brilliantly put together – well done!

First half for your team last night was pretty good. I was VERY impressed with TRAPPER HE PLAYED AN OUTSTANDING GAME, the stamina and speed of the old legs that had to cover more ground than usual. Think the cataracts played a part in the trapping though .

Had to go at half time for my own game. Pleasing to say, we won 5-1 (of which I scored 4 goals….thanks to great team support).

I look forward to reading the final report.

As mel seems to be a rampant scorer, and i would gather would look a lot better than Pete in one of our designer tops, I suggested that maybe she would like to turn out for the forwards instead of me next week!

Match report Wed 4th Nov V Victoria Gents lost 6 - 2

While it was my intention to wax lyrical about the abilities and skills displayed, and the outstanding effort and dominance that the forwards maintained last night, the reality was that we were sadly out numbered with only 3 forwards (we only fielded 9 players) and one of those included Trapper who had a surprisingly rare off day in not being able to trap anything!

Having said that Ants (Chicken legs rides again) and Scotty did play their hearts out and both managed to score, Pete, Adrian, Ross and Marx all had runs up to the front in the second half, with Pete in particular coming very close to scoring. Scotty was somewhat hampered by wearing a shirt that felt overly long to him, he actually could tuck this one in!

Trapper did manage to get back in defence and save a certain goal by a great tackle 5 metres from the line as the player was about to rocket the ball into the net.

It was going to be hard from the start, as while we had a goalie and 8 field players, they had no goalie, but 11 players, which gave them the ability to push players up, and to swamp our attacks before we got into their circle.

We did have chances, and some pressure in both halves, however it has to be said the bulk of the activity (but by no means all) was in our defensive area, with some outstanding displays of commitment from Marx who i though deserved our player of the day (they nominated someone else, not certain who (Glen i believe) and Pete as well.

One good note although it was hard for us to adjust was that we had two good umpires who let play flow and didn’t pull up every ball more than 6 inches high (was going to say 15 cm, but it is masters after all and we all think in inches).

Overall, even withstanding only having 9 players it was a good game; we gave them a good run for their money and they admitted afterwards would have been an interesting game with a full team.

1 – Scotty
1 – Ants

3 – Glen , player of the day, saved a near goal with a “mr gadget” left arm out save form a PC, looked good in his goalie gear and stayed for a drink afterwards
2 – Marx committed work, diving and tackling
1 – Adrian – solid game, but more importantly showed plenty of courage, wearing a shirt that nearly came down to the top of his shorts

Special mention (but let’s face it, no MVP points so probably not worth much)
Pete – solid defence and looked good on attack
Trapper – doesn’t the lighting reflecting off his head create a lovely aura?
Mel – braved the weather to support us from the sideline